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It's Purple=)
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5th Generation iPod Nano
Submitted By edith on 10/09/05
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Well, I took your advice, Abbie.
Because a new laptop is out of the question funds wise for me right now, I decided to get something that I could buy now, that was cute and fun, and that I've been wishing for since...well, ever since I saw yours in March, Cuz.   Also, in order to spare poor little Della as much strain as possible in the hopes that she'll keep going for a few more years, I decided that I should probably get a separate device for playing mp3 files and listening to audiobooks.
This cute little guy will be arriving in about 5 days...
Ah, isn't it beautiful?  And it's purple=)
Now, I know this isn't the newest model of the iPod Nano, but...I really wanted the option to play movies and record video, which the latest and greatest model doesn't do.  Plus, I saved $20 by purchasing it on Amazon=)  Is that cool, or is that cool?!  It's cool.
So, I'm very excited=^D
Any suggestions on accesories that I absolutely must have for this puppy, Cuz?
Happy Trails y'all!
P.S. BTW, isn't the bike that the lady is riding in the picture darling?  Too cute.

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  1. (by Abbie on 10/09/07)Re: It's Purple=)
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      Re: It's Purple=)
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      Posted 2010/09/07 - 23:42 GMT
      I'm excited for myself;D
      lol.  I love the purple, too=)
      Good ideas - I remember the dock you have.  Do you remember where you got it?  It looked really nice...oh, I think I just found it on Amazon, actually.  Is it an iHome? 
      And I'll definitely be looking for a protective cover/clip thingy...or I might just make one=) 
      Come to think of it, I might be able to plug the external speakers I use for Della into it and play it in my room that way.  They just plug into the headphone jack like headphones or ear buds do. I'll have to see if that will work once I get it.  I'm so cheap;)  
      It should be arriving on Friday=)
      Now I'm gonna have to name it...;)
      I should just name it "it".  Have you ever read Five Children and It?  I loved that book:)
      Oh, only I don't think I will name it "it", because that was what the creepy thing in A Wrinkle in Time was named:{  Never mind...
      Okay, that was just me randomly thinking and typing at the same time=)
      1. (by jo-bug on 10/09/08)Re: It's Purple=)

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