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It's Purple=)
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5th Generation iPod Nano
Submitted By edith on 10/09/05
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Well, I took your advice, Abbie.
Because a new laptop is out of the question funds wise for me right now, I decided to get something that I could buy now, that was cute and fun, and that I've been wishing for since...well, ever since I saw yours in March, Cuz.   Also, in order to spare poor little Della as much strain as possible in the hopes that she'll keep going for a few more years, I decided that I should probably get a separate device for playing mp3 files and listening to audiobooks.
This cute little guy will be arriving in about 5 days...
Ah, isn't it beautiful?  And it's purple=)
Now, I know this isn't the newest model of the iPod Nano, but...I really wanted the option to play movies and record video, which the latest and greatest model doesn't do.  Plus, I saved $20 by purchasing it on Amazon=)  Is that cool, or is that cool?!  It's cool.
So, I'm very excited=^D
Any suggestions on accesories that I absolutely must have for this puppy, Cuz?
Happy Trails y'all!
P.S. BTW, isn't the bike that the lady is riding in the picture darling?  Too cute.

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    Re: It's Purple=)
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    Posted 2010/09/07 - 22:29 GMT
    Woohoo!!! I'm so excited for you! I adore my iPod. And I LOVE your purple color. (Faye's is purple and I'm sorta-kinda-maybe a little bit jealous =D)
    You're gonna love it.
    As for accessories... I'd say a protective cover with a clip-on thingy so you could clip it to your belt loop or something, maybe to use it while riding, etc.
    Uhm... a dock, so you can play it in your room :)
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