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rain, Little Dorrit and pasta
Submitted By edith on 11/04/26
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  • It is raining again.
  • This makes me sad.
  • If it wasn't so cold, I would've tried singin' in the rain, but it was cold, so I didn't.
  • But, I consoled myself by watching Emma (2009) with my mum...
  • and designing a new blog theme for ye olde blog.
  • That always cheers me up. :)
  • Do y'all like it?
  • I finished watching Little Dorrit (2008 BBC miniseries) the other night. (which inspired the new theme, btw:)
  • It was really, really, really good!!  (There was one part that I didn't watch, and if you're planning on watching this miniseries, then please read the plot description here so you too can avoid it if you wish.  It's towards the end of the description.  The BBC is rather big on realism, and sometimes it's just a bit too realistic for me.)
  • It was also really, really, really long - about 8 hours=)
  • But, I LOVED it...especially Matthew Macfadyen as Arthur Clennam.
  • Anyone else think that Matthew Macfadyen has a totally adorable smile?  Only I can't find a picture of him smiling...a shame, 'cause it's really cute.
  • BTW, I feel the need to tell my readers that despite my saying things like the above, I am not boy/man crazy.  I just appreciate nice smiles...and nice noses, too, while we're at it.  And manly men in literature and movies...and in real life, too, I suppose.
  • Just felt like I needed to clarify that so you wouldn't get the wrong idea about me:)
  • Now I need to read the book, which I am planning on doing ASAP.  If he's as wonderful in the book as he is in the movie, then Arthur Clennam will be right up there with Mr. Knightley, I think.
  • Charles Dickens' characters are just amazing.  I love his A Christmas Carol and The Pickwick Papers.
  • Oh, and if I can get it from the library, then we are watching Little Dorrit when you spend the night, Kellie:)
  • I should be making dinner, but I can't think of anything to make except pasta, but we had pasta the other night already.  So, I don't know what to make.
  • Um, a little help?  Any new recipes that I simply must try?
  • I just asked my dad and he said he didn't mind eating pasta again, so pasta it is!;)
  • Okay, gonna go boil some water and cook some pasta...
  • Happy Trails!

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