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Hello, my name is Natasha Marie...
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New Theme and Nancy Drew
Submitted By edith on 11/04/01
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...and I randomly change my blog's theme.
As you have no doubt noticed, I changed my blog theme a few days ago...and now I've changed it again.  :}
The Nancy Drew Fashion Week at Bramblewood Fashion is starting tomorrow, and that, of course, necessitated a new blog design.  *grin*
I warned y'all about that in this post.
"Not a thing I can do about it." (name that line!;)
Personally, I'm in love with the bright colors in this design, and I might just keep it up for a while.
AND, I'm seriously excited about the fashion event.  Yes, indeed.
So...I just felt a need to share that with y'all:)

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Re: Hello, my name is Natasha Marie...
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Posted 2011/04/01 - 22:12 GMT
I love Nancy Drew! Do you know, at Ollie's, I got an awesome book all about Nancy Drew, and about Nancy Drew's books!!! It's got some awesome stuff in it. Did you know that the 'author' (Caroline Keene) never existed? There were more than 8 ghost-writers for the oringinal series. So classic. :)
Re: Hello, my name is Natasha Marie...
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Posted 2011/04/01 - 23:22 GMT
That sounds like a really neat book!  Do you remember what it was called?
Yes, I did know that - I think a lot of the older books series were written by more than one person.
Love you, Jo Bug:)
Re: Hello, my name is Natasha Marie...
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Posted 2011/04/02 - 2:57 GMT
I love it, Natasha! {and I am a big fan of Nancy Drew}. What is perhaps, your favorite mystery you have read? *sigh* Nancy Drew was a sweet part of my childhood ;); looking forward to your future ND inspired posts. 
Re: Hello, my name is Natasha Marie...
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Posted 2011/04/02 - 6:05 GMT
Thank you:)
Hmm - of the books I have read so far, two that stand out are The Mystery at Lilac Inn and The Clue of the Tapping Heels.   I enjoyed both of those very much.
Surprisingly, especially since my mom read them as a girl, I didn't read Nancy Drew when I was younger.  I read the Boxcar Children a lot, and I really don't know why I never read Nancy Drew...
Oh well, I'm reading them now and have become an instant Nancy Drew fan!:)
In Christ,

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