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Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 7}
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-Modest Fashion Week-
Submitted By edith on 11/04/07
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Day 7 and the last day of Nancy Drew Fashion Week...
~Nancy Drew Vintage~
Something absolutely disgusting happened last night - it snowed.  ;)
But it's melted almost all away now=)
Kellie thinks this hat looks like a small, woodland animal...I guess it does rather;)
~My Outfit~
  • Vintage Hat - Ebay
  • Audrey Hepburn Watch Necklace - Etsy
  • Blouse - Walmart - same as Day 1
  • Beige sweater - hand me down - same as Day 1
  • Vintage gloves - antique store
  • Skirt - my mom's closet
  • Black Flats - Fred Mayer - same as Day 3
Happy Trails! 

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Re: Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 7}
7 hours - 329v
Posted 2011/04/08 - 23:52 GMT
Oh I know! I was so mad when I woke up to snow that day. Cue the Anne Shirley-Blythe quote! :-P But ours melted pretty fast, too, so that was a relief.
Classy outfit--you look like a fashion plate from the '40's!
God bless,
~"Wild Rose"~
Re: Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 7}
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/04/09 - 2:52 GMT
lol.  I read that quote on your blog, and it's perfect;)
Why, thank you!=)
In Christ,
Re: Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 7}
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2011/04/09 - 18:13 GMT
LOVE the outfit. (well, other than the resemblance to a flying squirel-jk-I think it looks kinda like candy. I have a one-focus mind.) The gloves are positively darling, and the locket is totally classy. =)
Re: Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 7}
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/04/10 - 1:06 GMT
Thank you, cousin!:)  With Audrey Hepburn on the front, it's gotta be classy;)

Threaded Hybrid Flat 4 Comments

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