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A Random Posting of Pictures
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Of tea, books and vintage charm...
Submitted By edith on 11/04/22
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I decided I'd better post some of the pictures I've been meaning to post now, instead of waiting for more to pile up on me...
What have we here?
Sense & Sensibility!  (1995)
Methinks it's time for an afternoon of Regency {bliss} and tea.
Whenever I bring a new movie home for my mom, we have a little tea party, just for fun.  :)
It's become a delightful tradition which we both enjoy very much.
Lemon shortbread cookies - oh, yummy.  
{Lest you think I'm some kind of baking whiz, those are store bought cookies}
My favorite teacup, given to me by my dear Kellie.
A peek into my workbasket...
One of the things I'll splurge on...
...vintage books!
They look simply smashing on my shelf:)
And speaking of vintage, here's what my mom and I have been working on...
Meet Nancy.   Nancy is a very special young lady - she belonged to my Grandma Barb (my mom's mom) when she was a girl.
Now she's my mom's, and someday she'll be mine...and someday I'll give her to my children, if I ever have any.
Yes, Nancy is very special.  Someday I'll have to take pictures of Nancy's other clothes, some of which were sewn by hand by my Great Grandmother Annie.
My mom and I are working on restoring Nancy's trunk.  The original paper is crumbling off and, as you can see, there is some water damage.
Alex cleaned all of the metal hardware off with steal wool.   I wish I had before pictures - they were simply covered in rust.
We couldn't believe the difference!
"Surprising what a little paint will do, isn't it?!"  -- Wallace and Gromit
A sneak preview of what will be showing up in my Etsy shop soon...
Vintage charm...
More crocheted creations coming soon, too!
Congratulations!  You've made it to the end of this post!  ;)
Happy Trails, y'all!

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Re: A Random Posting of Pictures
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2011/04/22 - 18:07 GMT
Wow that doll is simply beautiful! I love her!
   I'm sure that the books do look 'smashing.' lol
    I'm not entirely certain what the first picture of that beaded thingy-ma-bob with the twisty string is, but it's pretty nonetheless. =)
Re: A Random Posting of Pictures
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/04/23 - 20:15 GMT
I love Nancy, too:)
The "beaded thingy-ma-bob" is part of a vintage hat.  You can see the whole hat later once I list it in my shop...whenever that happens;)
Re: A Random Posting of Pictures
7 hours - 329v
Posted 2011/04/22 - 21:24 GMT
What a lovely tradition! That would make getting new movies that much more special. ^_^
Drooling over your teacup, dahling. That is simply BEE-yoo-tee-full! :-D *Takes another peek* Oh my! It even has briar-roses on it! :-D :-D
Do you have a teacup collection, too?
God bless,
~"Wild Rose"~
Re: A Random Posting of Pictures
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/04/23 - 20:18 GMT
It has purple thistles on it, too!  Being a lover of everything Scottish ('cept oatmeal...and haggis), I love that:)
Yes, my mom and I both do and between us we have quite a collection=)

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