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Etsy Treasury
Submitted By edith on 11/03/29
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I have an illness.
It's called Austenitis.
This afternoon I created Emma inspired desktop wallpapers on my laptop,
while using my new mousepad which proudly proclaims "I randomly quote Jane Austen" (birthday money;).
Tis true.
(The leering Mickey Mouse on my old mousepad was starting to wear on me...)
I clicked away while listening to the BBC Emma 2009 soundtrack, and while wearing my modern "regency" blouse
Afterwards, I lounged on my bed reading Pride & Prejudice until it was time to make dinner.
While cooking dinner (lamb chops, seasoned rice, and steamed broccoli, in case you're wondering), I again listened to the Emma soundtrack. 
It's my latest favorite, and I'll probably listen to nothing else until I become sick of it. 
That's how I roll.
After dinner I created a Treasury list on Etsy featuring Jane Austen related items. 
I christened it "Austenitis".
I also downloaded Sense & Sensibility screencaps from Longbourn.  
I do believe a new blog theme is in order...;)
Tonight, I plan to watch Sense & Sensibility until I fall asleep.
It's been a simply loverly day...
Yours devotedly,
~Miss Natasha Marie~
P.S. The main point of this post was to share my Etsy Treasury with you,
but I just had to share my wonderful, Jane Austen day, too:)
P.S.S. If you haven't already, don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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