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Outfit: Nancy Drew Farmgirl
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Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 7}
Submitted By margery on 11/04/07
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Hello, there!  
Here I am, one the last day of the delightful Nancy Drew Fashion Week
This week has been a whirlwind for me, and in fact several more things have come up that are going to entirely change the course of next few months for me. . . I'll elaborate more on that later=)
However, I planned all along to enter the fashion week by the skin o' my teeth - thanks, Lilly, for tromping around in the rain with a camera for me!  And here I am, just in time to share an outfit - though it might be more of a Helen Herriott inspired ensemble... the rain was not fitting company for most of my vintage/Nancy-ish clothes;) My hairstyle looks rather 1930s to me. . . that could be either Helen or Nancy:)  I'll take that as it comes.
P.S. Don't forget to enter the Nancy Drew button badge giveaway I'm sponsoring at Bramblewood Fashion!
~ Nancy Drew Modern/Farmgirl ~
I'm making a rather strange face here, but it was the only picture with my dear doggies in it;)
~ Rose Jacket - Falconable, thrifted
~ Fair Isle Sweater - Tiara, thrifted
~ Rose print Tee - thrifted
~ Green Coururoy Skirt, Lands End, gift from a friend
~ Italian Leather Belt - thrifted
~ Navy Wellingtons - Northerner Max, State Line Tack

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Array Re: Outfit: Nancy Drew Farmgirl
2011/04/07 - 21:43 GMT
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Very, very sweet, dear!
Your hair looks cute like that:)
Your loving,
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Array Re: Outfit: Nancy Drew Farmgirl
2011/04/08 - 2:31 GMT << In Reply to
Thank you, dear=)  
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Array Re: Outfit: Nancy Drew Farmgirl
2011/04/08 - 1:29 GMT
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Love, love, love the outfit! And the hairstyle! So classy and cute! May I beg for a hairstyle tutorial in the near future??
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Array Re: Outfit: Nancy Drew Farmgirl
2011/04/08 - 2:33 GMT << In Reply to
I'm so glad you like it!  I would be delighted to make a tutorial - in fact, I've been hoping to get several posted here, *ahem* - someday. . . ;)

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