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Costume Inspiration
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Lord of the Rings
Submitted By edith on 11/03/17
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Being the costume junkie that I am, I am simply enraptured with the beautiful dresses worn by Arwen and Eowyn in the Lord of the Rings movies, especially Eowyn's.
The Victory Dress -
I'm in love - in LOVE - with this powder blue dress of Eowyn's.  
She wears it at the victory celebration in Edoras in The Return of the King.  In the movie, you don't get to see much of it (all head shots), but I finally found some good pictures of it here (and the rest of the pictures in this post).
Above is both the over and under dress, but it's the under dress that I'm particularly interested in...
I love the buttons on the front.
You can see the pattern on the fabric better in this shot...
It's so sweet and delicate.  I love it!  I already said that, didn't I:}
The White Dress -
My favorite elements from this dress are the embroidery around the neck and the laces on the sleeves.
The Green Dress -
The velvet is so sumptuous=)
I'm really, really liking the collar...
The Shieldmaiden Dress -
Like the white dress, I really like the lacing on the sleeves and the sleeves themselves...and the bodice.  And, while I'm at it, her sword - the curved hand guard is shaped like two horse heads:)
Here it is with a brown skirt.
Arwen's Periwinkle Dress -
This dress was not used in the movie, unfortunately, but it is beautiful!  I love the colors and the beading...
I have visions of beautiful medieval gowns swirling 'round in my head.  What bliss.
Actually, I have a medieval gown already in the works that I started about a year ago, but I was having some trouble with the over dress.  I haven't even started the under dress, and I am so thankful now that I didn't!=)
Now I'm planning to incorporate the button front into the under dress and incorporate the laced sleeves into the over dress.
But, I am extremely hesitant to experiment on the nice fabric I bought.  That makes sense, doesn't it?  Yes, yes it does. :)
So, I'm planning a fabric store trip for Friday, which happens to be my birthday.  I thought it would be a nice way to spend the day, fabric store and then sewing:) 
I want a lighter weight, less expensive fabric to play with (I've run out of old sheets;), but I still want it to look nice so I can wear it.   No point in buying fabric if you're not going to wear it, right?!
I'm thinking linen at this point, in cream, brown, or blue. 
I'll keep y'all posted;)

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Re: Costume Inspiration
2011/03/17 - 2:57 GMT
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Oh, how lovely!  Just the thing to get one in the mood for a Medieval party. . .=D
Love the details on the white dress, and that green velvet is gorgeous!  They all are.  Have fun with you sewing, and happy birthday in advance! :)
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Re: Costume Inspiration
2011/03/17 - 3:42 GMT << In Reply to
Indeed it is!  Now we have to have one=)
I knew you'd like the green velvet;)
Thank you, dear:)
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Re: Costume Inspiration
2011/03/17 - 18:18 GMT
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Girl, you're going to get me obsessed again! Haha, just kidding. ;-) May I come to your Medieval party? *Puppy eyes* I actually have a couple dresses in the works that might pass....
The "Victory Gown" is one of my favorites, too. At one time I wanted to make an "inspired by" version, but gave it up because I had no place to wear it. My favorite part is the jeweled jacket she wears over the dress! ^_^ Other faves are the "White Wool," "Funeral" (that navy-blue velvet one she wears at Theodred's funeral and when the two children arrive at Edoras), green and "Coronation" (the yellow one she wears at the end of ROTK).
Alley Cat Scratch (http://www.alleycatscratch.com/lotr/) is another good place for us costume geeks--they have some very helpful analyses on many of the costumes, as well as tips on how to recreate them. They also have a section for people to show off costumes they've made (and if you've already discovered ACS, please feel free to ignore all this :-P).
I love Éowyn's necklace, too--it's so dainty, yet sturdy. Actually, I like all her jewelry. ;-)
God bless,
~"Wild Rose"~
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Re: Costume Inspiration
2011/03/18 - 3:37 GMT << In Reply to
lol! I wouldn't want to do that;D
I think that might be arranged - the more the merrier, in my opinion!:)
Eowyn's gowns are all so beautiful - I love the golden coronation gown she wears, too!
Yes, I have been on ACS a few times, but not recently.  I should check it out again... Thanks for the reminder:)
In Christ,
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Re: Costume Inspiration
2011/03/19 - 3:43 GMT
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Arwen and Eowyn were/are both ladies of such strength and elegance. I especially liked Arwen though, (becuase she was an elf) and felt sorry for Eowyn because she loved Aragorn and Aragorn loved Arwen, and CALL IT A TRIANGLE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Sorry. I got it out of my system.
          I think  their dresses are so very sensible and beautiful. I better go before I morph into a psycho poet. =)
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Re: Costume Inspiration
2011/03/19 - 5:02 GMT << In Reply to
They are indeed.  I felt sorry for Eowyn, too - I know how it feels, 'cause I can't have Aragorn either;)

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