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Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 6}
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-Modest Fashion Week-
Submitted By edith on 11/04/07
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Hullo there! 
Well, today is Day 6 of Nancy Drew Fashion Week...*gasp*...that means tomorrow is the last day:( 
Truly tragic, is it not?  In fact...I think I might cry. 
*insert hysterical sobbing and much sniffing*
No, I'm okay - please pass the Kleenex this way, would ya?
Okay, seriously now, I have had so much fun being Nancy Drew for a week, and I want to thank Ashley and Natasha (Another Natasha! High five!;) for hosting this wonderful event:)
~Nancy Drew Vintage~
Who knows?  Playing the right combination of notes just might open a secret panel in the wall...
Well, it worked in Adventures in Odyssey!
"...play a deaf cabbage..."
If you have no idea what I'm talking about...that's okay.  Those who know, will know.
(Wow - was that profound, or what?!;)
I found the key shaped brooch in my mom's jewelry box.
~My Outfit~
  • Scarf - yet another show scarf...you've seen them all now - pink, tan and cream.
  • Brooch - mom's jewelry box
  • Blouse - made by me - I'm planning on reworking the collar though...it bugs me.
  • Belt - stolen from my brother;)
  • Skirt - same as yesterday, my favorite 1/2 circle skirt.
  • Shoes - I didn't go anywhere today, so I actually didn't wear any shoes - except mud boots for animal chores - but I would probably wear my brown flats with this outfit.
This is another outfit that I wear on a regular basis, less the brooch and belt.
Till we meet again...
Happy Trails, y'all!:)
Check out the Nancy Drew computer desktop wallpaper I designed...

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Re: Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 6}
2011/04/07 - 15:42 GMT
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Yes. . . definitely see if playing 'a deaf cabbage' will open a wall panel -- that would be cool! :D
BTW - Your hair is really beautiful.  How did you do it!
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Re: Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 6}
2011/04/07 - 19:28 GMT << In Reply to
I've always wanted to discover a secret panel - I'm afraid there are none in my house though, as I made a thorough search when I was a kid;)
Thank you!  I styled the front section using bobby pins to hold it, then parted my hair in the back, lace braided the two sections, and then wrapped and pinned them to make a crown.  One of my very favorite hair styles, as it gets my hair up off of my neck and doesn't give me a headache!:) 
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Re: Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 6}
2011/04/07 - 23:48 GMT
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Looks marvelous! I love the print on your blouse.
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Re: Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 6}
2011/04/09 - 2:48 GMT << In Reply to
Thank you:)
I love the retro looking print, too!
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Re: Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 6}
2011/04/08 - 23:45 GMT
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"...Start in the middle and play a deaf cabbage...."
--Except it was an organ in Odyssey. ;-) But finding a secret panel would be cool!
I'll have to try your method of braiding; the one I use always ends up messy on the opposite side I started from. >:-(
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Re: Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 6}
2011/04/09 - 2:46 GMT << In Reply to
Oh, that's how it starts!  I couldn't remember what came before "play a deaf cabbage;D
But it might work on a piano;)  It would definitely be more impressive on an organ, though. =)

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