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Wallpaper Wednesday and my 400th post!
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~ Casablanca ~
Submitted By edith on 11/02/24
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This is my 400th blog post.
Yes, indeed.  My 400th post - I guess I've had a lot to share with y'all the past two years:)
In celebration of my 400th post I will be hosting an over the weekend giveaway starting Friday at 12 o'clock noon and ending Sunday at the stroke of midnight, the winner to be announced on Monday.
I hope you will like what I plan to giveaway, but I'm not going to tell you what it is until the giveaway opens on Friday.  So, you'll just have suffer and be patient until then.  I love surprising people, btw;)
For today's wallpaper, I'm featuring one of my absolute favorite movies, with two of my absolute favorite actors and actresses, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.
Can you guess what film I speak of?
{full size image located on the Graphic Design page}
This, ladies and gentlemen (if there be any reading), is one of the best movies ever.  Period. 
Suspense.  Danger.  Romance.  Patriotism.  Cute vintage outfits.  What more could you possibly want?
I want the hat Ingrid Bergman is wearing.  I. Love. It.
And I named one of my sheep Ingrid...
The black sheep of the family, you might say, although her wool has lightened to a beautiful chocolate-y brown now.   I suppose I'll have to name one of my lambs Humphrey this year...but Aragorn has first dibs;)
All of my lambs have to have dignified names - no Curly or Fluffy for me.
So far I have Lady Jane Grey, Queen Esther, Ingrid and Calvin...we also have a Sweet Pea, but she belongs to my brother and came with the name.
Ok, sorry for rabbit trailing;)  I do love my sheepies:)
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today's wallpaper and don't forget to enter the mystery giveaway on Friday!
Happy Trails:)
P.S. Also, if you haven't already, you still have until the end of the month to join The Literary Heroine Blog Party over at Kellie's blog.  Don't miss out on the fun and the close-to-awesome giveaways, including pin-back buttons and mirror buttons made by Kellie and a hand crocheted laptop sleeve made by me!!:)

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Re: Wallpaper Wednesday and my 400th post!
2 days - 3,135v
Posted 2011/02/24 - 16:02 GMT
Congratulations on your 400th post!!! Wow! How many years have you had your blog? I'm looking forward to the surprise :)!
Re: Wallpaper Wednesday and my 400th post!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/02/24 - 18:23 GMT
For almost 2 years now...I suppose I'll have to come up with another surprise to celebrate my blog's 2 year anniversary:)
Re: Wallpaper Wednesday and my 400th post!
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2011/02/24 - 17:57 GMT
Huzzah!  Huzzah for the Queen of bloggers!  Good grief, it'll take me another three years to get to 400 posts at the rate I'm going=)
Huzzah for Casablanca, too!  Ingrid Bergman's outfit's are smashing, and some of my favorite movie lines were given birth by that movie.
"Remember, I have this gun pointed right at your heart."  
"That is my least vulnerable spot."
Love ya,
Re: Wallpaper Wednesday and my 400th post!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/02/24 - 18:21 GMT
I LOVE quoting from Casablanca!
"Make it $10,000 - I'm only a poor, corrupt official."
Re: Wallpaper Wednesday and my 400th post!
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2011/02/25 - 0:04 GMT
Hey, don't you have a sheep named Wooton?!
Re: Wallpaper Wednesday and my 400th post!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/02/25 - 1:49 GMT
Er, yes...that is we had one - she's now in the freezer;) 
I'm only worried about the lambs we keep having dignified names:)

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