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of colds, noodles and mice.
Submitted By edith on 11/01/25
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  • I've been sick with a cold/allergy problem for the last few days, but I'm starting to feel better:)
  • I'm afraid there is nothing romantic about my colds - I become even grouchier (if that's possible!) than my normal self, sit in bed watching movies - including Little Women (1994), Casablanca, Chicken Run, Pride & Prejudice (2005 - it doesn't compare to the 1995 adaptation, but, I confess that I like it:), Roy Rogers, Parent Trap (Hayley Mills), to name a few - blowing my nose, and playing spider solitaire on Della (my beloved laptop).
  • I found this website the other day - they have some fun classic movie screen savers!  (Lauren - they have one for "Angel and the Badman"=)
  • Muffin (my kitty) caught a mouse in our basement this evening.  She was quite pleased with herself.
  • We had Noodle Express for dinner tonight - shrimp osaka...is a divinity;D
  • Looking for that perfect blog or website background?  You just might find it at BackgroundLabs.com.
  • Marie Madeline Studio - adorable patterns and darling fabric! 
  • Well, that's all for tonight folks - I'm gonna go crawl back to my cave (aka my room) and try to look pale and interesting;)

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Re: Miscellany
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2011/01/25 - 18:08 GMT
You are kidding me right??  I am totally going to check that out!!! 
I'm sorry to hear that you aren't doing well... colds are nasty!  
BTW, we still haven't watched Holiday Inn in color!  :)
Re: Miscellany
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/01/26 - 3:00 GMT
Nope, no foolin':)
Ugh, I agree completely.
I know!  We need to do that:)  Give me a call when you have a free day!
Re: Miscellany
15 minutes - 22v
Posted 2011/01/26 - 2:35 GMT
I'm so sorry you have been sick!! I hope you feel better soon! I love Marie Madeline as well! They inspire me. :)
Re: Miscellany
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/01/26 - 3:06 GMT
Thanks:)  I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better today, and even managed to warble a few tunes while doing the barn chores this evening=)
Their fabric is so fun and colorful, and I love their Route 66 skirt pattern!  Might just have to get it one of these days:)
Re: Miscellany
2 weeks - 22,159v
Posted 2011/01/26 - 18:52 GMT
Glad you're feeling better, dear!  People don't die of little trifling colds. . . ;)
Talk to you later!
Re: Miscellany
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/01/26 - 20:39 GMT
Me, too!=)  So says Mrs. Bennet...;)
ttyl and htsys!
Much love,
Re: Miscellany
14 hours - 2,434v
Posted 2011/01/26 - 19:31 GMT
:)  I'll talk with Mom... I think we are full right now, but I'll try! :)

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