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Mysterious Correspondence #1
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A previously undiscovered transcript.
Submitted By Sprawl on 11/01/17
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Discource between Wilder Frederiksen and "X".
Shortly after the Mars Expedition Landing.
WF: Have the vehicles moved out?
X: Yes.
WF: Seal off the main ship. Are they supported?
X: Yes, by Commander Nicholas and the British.
WF: Do not let them get any extra support. I have taken out the Russian and German Crews. Commander Alahad Bakir is under my control, have no fear, he is paid well.
X: This is good progress. Perhaps your own pay will increase.
WF: That is of no concern. We are experiencing a few complications with the Synthetium Project.
X: *indiscernable through static*
WF: I can't do that, *indiscernable through static*, or we *indiscernable through static* it forever.
X: I can't allow that. You must continue.
WF: I will try.

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