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O God, O God, how weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world!
Submitted By Sprawl on 11/01/17
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Rage. Pete Madissen was consumed with it. The others attended to Kruncher, then slept while they could. But Pete could not sleep. Because rage would not let him; it had overwhelmed him, taken him over completely. Kruncher was unconscious, his heartbeat slow and weak, and they had not been able to waken him. But Pete was not only enraged about that. He was enraged that Brotos had been so cowardly as to fire at the defenceless Kruncher, when firing at a tank would have been non-lethal, but equally damaging. That Drakonium charge from Kruncher's launcher was not going to have done any damage. Brotos was a terrible man, and Pete had decided to end his rampage.
Pete Madissen strode out of the base, taking an arsenal of weapons, and opened up Flynn's tank. He sealed the exits, and sped off into the distance. It had been a long time since he had been this angry - then again, it had been an even longer time since Kruncher had been even slightly injured. But now things had changed. Vengeance was the only thing on Pete's mind. He readied a simple Zorenine rifle, and some Dolvium stun grenades. He was prepared to go all out, like he had never done in his life. Pete Madissen was a changed man. Changed, more than he knew.
* * * *
Flynn awoke to the distant sound of engines. He sat up sharply, and swung his legs out of his bed. He stood and grabbed a small pistol. Nicholas and Sitfig met him down the corridor.
"What's going on?" Sitfig asked.
"I don't know," Flynn replied. "But that was the sound of my tank." They hurried downstairs, and found that the tank was gone.
"Picard!" Sitfig called. There was a dull reply, but soon Picard came running downstairs.
"What's happened?" he asked hurreidly.
"Get Pocket. We need to have a group chat."
"Will do." Picard sprinted back upstairs.
"I think Brotos may have tried to steal the tank to get the technologies I installed in it. That would be a very bad thing, because not only could he replicate them, but he could also create countermeasures. That would be a terrible thing.
And not only that, but -"
'FLYNN!" came the desperate roar from upstairs.
'What?" Flynn shouted back.
"Pete isn't up here!" Picard came swiftly down. "Pete's gone." Everyone looked at each other.
"Pete took the tank." Then the penny dropped. "He's going for revenge! We have to stop him!"
"There's no way we can get-"
"I don't want any disc-"
"No, Flynn," Picard cut in. "We need to discuss what we are going to do. There is absolutely no way we can reach Pete in time. We have to try and support him, not stop him." Flynn was taken aback at first, but eventually saw Picard's point, and nodded, beginning to smile.
"Please, forgive my rashness. I agree. Let's plan this properly. We can't afford any casualties."
* * * *
It was very dark, with almost no light. There was the faint glow of a weak forcefield, signalling that Pete had reached his target. He passed through the forcefield, and shut off the engine. He slid out, and sealed the tank shut.
His Zorenine Rifle buzzed quietly, and he gripped it firmly, raising it for the first mercenary to come carelessly running out.
Two of them, large and hulking, equipped with Xinagen Shotguns, rushed out to take him down. He took them both out in one concentrated blast. He advanced through the door whence they had come, and blew apart the two entrance sensor-cameras. He shot down an inactive turret, and pressed ahead. One mercenary tossed a dolvium stun grenade, but he kicked it back in the same direction, and ducked. There was a deafening explosion, and a spluttering from Pete's attacker. He lay writhing on the floor in pain. Pete smirked, and shot the man in the head. He trampled on the body, and continued along the corridor.
More men, equipped with incrementally more powerful rifles, began to appear from the side rooms. But there was no way of stopping Pete Madissen. Pete was angry. Pete was vengeful. Pete was going to find Brotos.
Eventually, the constant flow of mercenaries seemed to stop. But then, to Pete's horror, the lights fizzled, and switched off. Pete was plunged into pitch darkness. He tried to activate the torch on his rifle, but it had ceased to work. There was deep, dark laughter from behind him, and he whirled around, firing furiously. The laughter grew louder, nearer, and there seemed to be footsteps from the other direction. He spun again, and fired a burst. The laughter stopped. Pete paused. Then he exhaled.
A foot connected with his stomach, and he was sent hurtling backwards, slamming into a metal barrier, and crumpling on the floor. Two meaty hands grasped his shoulders, and he was rammed headfirst into the wall. He felt dizzy, weak. Finally, he was raised in the air, and a fist connected with his face. He blacked out.
Flynn decided that Nicholas should go with him to find Pete. Sitfig and Picard would stay behind to make sure Kruncher was okay, and to protect the base.
Flynn strode out of the exit, and headed towards one of the hovercrafts. A beautiful vehicle - of course, designed by Pete. His own creation would be the method of his rescue. How strange...he was sure Pete would be elated. If Pete was still alive.
He clambered in and started it up. It took a while, but soon the engines were quietly humming, and he set up the small X-ORB Forcefield, which had been invented by Commander Falconer himself. A wonderful design, allowing for Smooth Movement Above Land and Ocean (SMALO). The vehicle slowly rotated, then he eased the throttle forward, and it sped off towards the Tnassa Mountains. Commander Nicholas was some way behind him, but Flynn had no time to wait up. One of his best friends, one of his long-time comrades, was in danger. And he could not afford to lose any time; time where Pete could be dying.
Once they had braved the icy Tnassa Mountains without their X-ORBs malfunctioning, they reached a small canyon. Once they had travelled through this, and headed up a steep slope, which was very difficult for the old hovercrafts to manage - but which would have been more than easy for the new hovercrafts being developed on Earth by IASA - they sped towards the ominous silhouette in the distance, coated by the faint white sheen of a forcefield. Blood red chalky dust was spat from the filters in their engines, which saved these engines from the disastrous effects of the crimson powder. If dust entered the engines fully, they would quite literally explode, switched on or off. The filters were always left running unless inside a hangar.
They neared the next obstacle - a large ditch. It wasn't quite a ditch - more like an abyssal cavern; the bottom was more than fifty miles down. They could use boosters to get across it, but if they timed it wrongly, or got the positioning incorrect, they would be sent plummeting to their doom.
Nicholas lined up behind Flynn, and got ready to give him a boost. Flynn started up the turbo-charger, infused with Dolvium Drakonate from the 'Great Captain MacDane' himself. He burst forward and rocketed across the chasm. Nicholas charged up his engine, and there was a flash as the small, rickety hovercraft shot across. But it was old, and untested; in mid-flight, smoke began billowing from the engine, and it toppled out of the sky.
"NO!" Flynn roared. He raced to the edge, and fired a tractor beam, but it served no purpose. The hovercraft plunged toward the darkness. Flynn used his last resort. He charged up his cannons, and fired them at Commander Nicholas' hovercraft. The vehicle was spun around in the air, but did not fall. This allowed Nicholas to regain some control, and begin to throttle forward a little. Flynn kept the hovercraft in mid-air, until he was on Flynn's side of the chasm. Then he stopped firing, with few Zorenine charges left, and the Commander's hovercraft smashed onto the dust. Flynn hovered nearby, and expanded the forcefield. Nicholas crawled out, and Flynn slid open the door, Nicholas clambering in, hair slightly singed. He shook Flynn's hand, barely able to smile. He sat behind him, and they continued to their target, which they were approaching rapidly.
Soon, the base was in full view, and they activated an old SORB - a stealth forcefield. They were still visible to the naked eye, but invisible to scopes, thermals, and radar. Unfortunately, they could be tracked when underwater via sonar. The new CORB - Covert Forcefields - were fully invisible to everything but the naked eye, but even to that they were well camouflaged with a dull sheen blurring the view.
They cracked Frederiksen's forcefield with a Breaker Cannon, and entered. They readied some light, yet powerful weaponry - Xinagen Shotguns, Dolvium Stun Grenades, and Zorenine Automatic Pistols - and prepared for a fight. But this fight did not come, for as soon as they came out, Brotos met them, aiming a colossal rifle at them. Undoubtedly Synthetium-powered. He was grinning at them, mockingly.
"Drop your weapons." Flynn and Nicholas paused, then decided not to.
"Give us Pete, and let us go freely, or we will be forced to attack." Brotos burst out laughing, guffawing at them.
"You, and whose army? Please, attempt not to bluff with me. I can see through you like glass. Drop your weapons, or we will kill your friend." Flynn started.
"No! You can't. We are offering fair tr-"
"Do NOT," Brotos snapped. "Try the "fair" game with me. There is nothing fair here. Drop your weapons, and all three of you will live. Otherwise, we will kill him, and torture you." Flynn and Nicholas realised that there was no hope. They could not risk Pete's death. If they were captured, they could still escape.
Flynn set his gun on the rusty coloured ground. Brotos curled up his lip in a snarl, glowering at Nicholas malevolently.
"Drop it," he hissed, each word dripping with poison. Nicholas knelt and placed the rifle down. He stood, but was met with Brotos' insane laughter.
"You fools! You naïve fools! I would have expected more from YOU, of all people!" Roaring in malicious laughter, he revealed and grabbed Pete from behind him, and fired point blank into his forehead.
"PETE!" Flynn bellowed.
"NO!" Nicholas cried, lunging towards Brotos. But mercenaries held them back, as Pete's lifeless body flopped to the floor, and the tables were turned.

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It's getting tense! (er)
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Incredible. You are amazing.
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Awesomeness stories of AWESOMENESS!!
btw am I gunna be in any of them? "hint hint"
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my idea was a bit too far fetched.
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Ugg.. Pete died. XD
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Keep up the good work! I'm very interested in what will happen next!
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*dies from lack of next part beIng released*
I'm not impatient!!!!!!! Don't look at me in that tone of voice!!! :P

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