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Syn3h: Evolution VII. Mars

Entree July 20, 2142.
I was there on mars. It was...big. They installed a gravity generator to keep people from flying off the planet. And, like eagle said, mars evolved. I saw a lot of stuff that "they" built. It was beautiful. And all that we needed to do is to not send the signal. I suppose that the quarry tank was destroyed by something that wasn't a buggy, jet, tank, and, I don't know if it was true; hovercraft. I was wrong.

July 14, 2137
Like I said. Everything was just like EARTH. I even saw a lake. On didn't have any lakes. All destroyed. I caught up with Jackson and Hana. I, then, saw that they had Matt with them. I was actually having fun.
The key was copied a lot. One for every buggy, tank, and jet. 
Aubrey made a science team. They studied the hovo stuff coming from the jet, when the key was inserted. They could then build a hovercraft. Eagle told them that a kid he knew, Jackson, knew what a hovercraft looked like. They then built the hovercraft out of Jacksons' image.
 Aubrey's team couldn't make a keyhole but the hovercraft didn't needed it. 
The hovercraft was cool. It had lasers, a hovometer (how high or low it went), giant energy thrusters (they were purple because is used energy. I don't know why but when energy is turned into fire, it's purple.), and one of Aubrey's teammates found out that it could be made into a submarine. Everything was coming together. It was a new EARTH.

Entree July 21, 2142.
I skipped three years into the future because everything was the same. Until it happened.

September 12, 2140
"Three years" I said. "I am 27 and I lived long enough to be on an other planet for three" 
"Yes, indeed." Matt said. "Indeed. And I am finally glad that we are away from what happened on the sky king. Speaking of which, where is it?"
"It is in orbit." Eagle said. Popping his serious head through the door of my white futuristic door.    
"Yep, and I am a teacher now. Teaching anthropology at the universal collage in the city of dreams." Tito said doing the same thing that eagle did.
"I wonder why it is called the city of dreams." Jackson said.
"It is called that because the governor, Aubrey Falconer, said that it was in a dream of his." Eagle answered. "By the way, I can only be out of orbit for 2 hours so can we do something with the buggies?" 
"Sure." I said. "Let's go."
We all went close to my garage, where all of the vehicles were. Jackson had a buggy, like me; Hana had a hovercraft, Tito had a buggy, Matt had a pumped up hovercraft, that he worked on; and Eagle had a Jet, because he had to go into space; but he also had a spare buggy. We all drove around, with the keys inserted, thinking where to go. There was a race section that was opened to the public, it was called lava racers (obviously); but we all decided to go to a place called XORB.
No one knew what a XORB was, nor saw one before. It was a sign, when we got here, that said XORB. Aubrey's team studied all 3 of the original vehicles, but none showed anything. But that meant some truth, because the three vehicles were made after mars "evolved."
It was empty. Nobody came to it. That was why we all came.
 So we drove to the starting line (there was no starting line. IT was just a big empty space.) and we all saw something.
 Something that we knew that it would ruin everything all over again. We saw something blue. It was the blue light.

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