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Syn3h: the next generations 5. The quarry
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Submitted By pocketMAD on 11/01/01
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Entree july 19, 2142
It was a sad day.  Very sad day; remember, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 

July 10, 2137
"Why is it not there?" I yelled.
"He must of stollen it." Jackson answered
"Or she." Hana said.
"And why do you know all of this?" I yelled at them.
"Is this really the time to answer that?" Hana said.
"Yes." I said in a calm voice. "I want to know now."
"This may sound strange, but we're siblings." Hana said
"True." Jackson blurted.
"We were born in royalty." Hana said
"You...royalty?" I said, sarcastically.
"It's true." Jackson blurted.
"Are parents were head of the AMP. In the later years, when chaos struck the earth, they chose three random vehicles-"
"-Four!" Jackson interrupted. "They chose four vehicles."
"There is no such thing as a hovercraft." Hana said. "Those are just rumors." 
"I think I know what my own parents chose!" Jackson yelled
"Shut up." Hana said in a slightly louder voice. "Anyway, they were the tank, buggy and the je-"
"Wait!" I said. "Their is no such thing as a hovercraft. They're impossible."
"NO!" Jackson said. "The jet has hovo stuff in it when you insert the key."
"And the jet." Hana said loudly and calmly. "All three had the keyhole. Other vehicles, car, airplane, submarine, they don't have the keyhole.
"Why does it matter that your parents chose the vehicles?" I questioned.
"They chose them so we can protect ourselves. The key was lost at the first year after the AMP." Jackson said. "Somehow the coward got it. I'm talking about falconer."
"He's a cool guy. Don't call him a coward." I said. "And about the hovercraft...it could be real if radioactivity is shot at a steady rate." 
I always loved radioactivity. Everything. I know more about it than reading. I only went to school for 5 years and still, I learned more about it faster than those teachers taught me how to add.
"Anyway-" Hana said but a huge explosion happened.
A guy ran in front of me with a giant gun. I saw him before. His name was commander Tito, I think.
"Run run." He said. "Unless if you have a buggy. In that case you have to report to your section. Boy, it is boring running. Don't you think?"
"Do you have a explosion to stop?" I questioned.
"What. OH yeah! Cool...cool." he said just standing there.
"I can't go to my buggy. It is...umm...broken."
"That's ok." Tito said. "Go to umm...section 46. The gal is sick."
"Ok. Give me the key, Jackson." I said, heroically.
"Here." Jackson said throwing them at me.
I ran over there, got in the buggy, inserted the key, and everything did what it was suppose to do.
My board lit, saying that I had a message from a buggy called "eagle." I opened it. It said, "I see you have the key. NICE! I'll take the sky and you take the ground. And push the button that is a rectangle and has the letter "r" on it."
I did and his face showed up. So did an other face. It was Tito and eagle.
"Wowh!" Tito said. "You have the key?"
"Umm... yeah. Don't you remember? And I see you have one, too." I said.
"Enough chit chat." Eagle said. "Lets go."
I did. I drove to the sky cruiser, which is what eagle told me, and saw a green buggy. I scanned it. Everything turned red for a little time. 
"I can't scan it." I said.
"Me neither. He probably blocked his Information Address, IA." Eagle said.
"Or she." I added.
"I'll hack into it." Tito said. "That's what my degree is in."
It was cool watching him push all of the buttons. Then a ding was played.
He told me who was in there. My jaw dropped. It couldn't be. Impossible. It was...Matt! 
It wasn't hard taking him down. We just raised our lasers to maximum and shot altogether. The buggy turned upside down and turned back to the regular blackish purple with a hint of red. The tank, Commander Tito's vehicle, was green. We locked, the unconscious, Matt in the jail cell. Jackson, Hana, and I just starred at him with anger. Jackson walked away, than I did. Hana... I overheard her saying, "Why?" to him. She caught up with me and Jackson. It was a quiet night.
 Once again, this is short; but i wrote it on new years eve

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