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Syn3h: the next generations 4. The blue light.
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Entree July 18, 2142
There is no such thing as wrong. It's just pure laziness.
July 5, 2137
"What are...they?" Matt said.
"I mustn't tell." she said with pride. "I'll...explain everything later."
"Well explain that!" I cried....with no pride.
She signed. She explained everything. Matt and I just listened and asked questions. Before I knew it, 5 hours past.
 Then I asked the question. That terrible question. Before she answered it. Bam. Right through the head. Sparks were everywhere, wires, circuits. It was...jackson.
"I knew it!" he blurted.
"What the fu.." I yelled
"KNEW IT!" he blurted once again. "I knew that she was a droid."
"A what?" Matt said. Probably because he wanted to add more information to his freakishly, large, red headed, head, of his.
"She was puttin' forbidden info in your small head. Except yours." he yelled pointing to Matt. "And that droid wanted you dead."
"But that had to be Hana." I said.
"Really. Reeeaaalllyyy.... do you really think she would go up to the VERY top floor and shoot me? And RUUUN!?" Jackson said
"No..." Matt cried.
"No?" Jackson and I said, at the same time, to Matt.
"Umm...we use to date when I was in seventh grade." 
"OK...?" I questioned.
"Wait wheres Hana?" Matt said.
"Don't worry. She's in her cap thing." he, once again, blurted.
"Do you know anything about the blue light?" I said hoping he would know because he already knew so much.
"No." he said
"Oh really." I said with pride. "Every time you lie you blink twice."
"NO I DON'T!" he said, blinking twice. "Fine...yes. But if I tell you... I'll have to kill to." he joked. "You two have to find out on your own. That Hana droid was puttin' info in your head so they would come and kill you."
"Who's they and why would someone try to assassinate me. I don't have any enemies." Matt said.
"I'll tell you later but look what I found."
Jackson, then, held a key that looked like an "H." It was wonderful because so many mysteries would be solved.
"How'd you get this?" I said
"Yeah. How did you?" Matt said with that nasal voice.
"When I woke up. I saw you talking together. Oh and I am not effected by tasers. I was just faking it when I was on the floor. I quietly creeped down the ramps and saw a buggy ready to jump. tased the driver with my taser."
"Why does everyone have a taser?" I blurted 
"Phhh. EVVVVERyone has a taser." Matt joked.
I punched him in the arm.
"Anyway, I got the buggy ready. And I saw on the mission screen that I was going to catch Aubrey. I did. Blackmailed him with his life and family. You know, the usual. And took the key. And what'd you know... I tased him. HAHA!"
"CAn we go to the room now." Matt said.
"Yeah." I said with relief. "Jack, follow me!"  
We ran until we got there. opened the door with the key and saw a window. It was beautiful. I never knew that the ship was blackish purple. just like my buggy. Whoever designed it must of liked that color. And as I walked. I saw it. The blue light. It was mesmerizing. Before I knew it, 20 minutes past. and we just starred.
"Wow." I said, breaking the silence.
"Indee..." Matt said.
"Jack, what is it." I said
"I don't know." Jackson said. "I..I don't know."

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