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Wallpaper Wednesday
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~ Olivia de Havilland~
Submitted By edith on 11/02/09
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A very happy Wednesday to you all!
I hope y'all aren't tired of Olivia de Havilland yet, because today I have 2 wallpapers featuring her=)
First, Olivia in Captain Blood as...Arabella Bishop!
{full size image located on the graphic design page}
I LOVE this movie.  How could I not when it stars Errol Flynn as the dashing Captain Blood, and Olivia as Arabella?  I also love the book by Rafael Sabatini which the movie is based on.   This was the first of 8 films which Errol and Olivia made together, and the movie which boosted them both to stardom.
{full size image located on the graphic design page}
What can I say?  I love Olivia.  And the color purple:) 
I just saw her in Princess O'Rourke yesterday, an absolutely hilarious romantic comedy.  I laughed so hard - it's a good thing the rest of my family had gone to town, because I probably would have scared them with all of my laughing and talking! 
Me - "Oh, no!  If he's going to do, what I think he's going to do...*insert wild cackling*...he did!! *insert more wild cackling punctuated by an occasional snort*  Yes, I do talk to myself sometimes, and yes, I do snort when I laugh really hard.  I've learned to live with both. 
Disclaimer: there was one scene that some might find semi objectionable, just to let y'all know.  Olivia, as Mary, is taking a bath, and, while you can't see anything but her shoulders and up, I wouldn't have really wanted my brother to see it.  But, it's only 5 or 10 seconds long, so it's easily skipped, and the rest of the movie was so worth the watch.   Now, you're warned - I've done my duty;)
If you do see it, you might recognize Jean - she's played by Jane Wyman, who also played Pollyanna's Aunt Polly. 
(Note: the picture of Olivia in the above wallpaper was found on ebay - yes, I snatch pictures sometimes...but not to sell;)
Happy trails y'all!

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Re: Wallpaper Wednesday
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Posted 2011/02/11 - 3:29 GMT
I am right in the middle of the book. It's reallyl cool!! I am enjoying it immensely :).
Re: Wallpaper Wednesday
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Posted 2011/02/11 - 4:10 GMT
I'm so glad you're enjoying it!!  Don't you just LOVE Peter's Irish accent?! 
I definitely need to procure a nice hardbound copy for my library:) 

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