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Making Music
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~An impromptu Video~
Submitted By margery on 11/01/10
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While over at a friend's house with my family at Christmastime, I was asked to record a piano solo to put on YouTube.  Mr. A thought it would be fun to put a recording on there with a link to my shop, and see how many hits to my site the video would bring.  I thought it was a lovely idea, except for one minor detail.  
Through no fault of my own, I hadn't touched the piano for about two weeks, and longer before that=(
My keyboard is at present residing in my brother's bus, which is the only place it will fit in our current residence.  My brother is so nice about it, but I can't go barging over there and banging on my instrument all the time!  It kills me, because I could easily play hours every day if I were able, but for now, I just have to bear it. . . :)
Anyway - my excuses were overridden, and I bungled through an impromptu rendition of George Winston's Joy.  It's far, far from perfect, but I'm glad I did it! 
As soon as possible, I'm looking forward to praticing some more and recording something decent to share;)  
For now, Enjoy!
P.S. While I'm at it, I had to share this snapshot of my cousin Jon and I jamin', during his visit last August.
Because at the moment, I can hardly wait till next summer for another visit from the cousins!!! =)
Happy trails, y'all!

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