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Syn3h: the next generations 6. Answers
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Submitted By pocketMAD on 11/01/02
the Syn3h series, pocketMAD 
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Entree July 20, 2142
He was my best friend. That is why you must always remember to...you know what...

July 11, 2137
Why are you doing this, I thought. He blinked. Blinked again. He regained his stupid mind back.
"Where am I?" Matt questioned.
"Where are you! Where are you! Why? Why did you try to escape with the quarry?" I yelled.
"You have to trust me." he said.
"You do." he said
"Hey. It's umm... I never caught your name." I said to him.
"It's eagle. I can't tell you my real name for security purposes." Eagle said.
"OH- wait! Why did you say that I have to trust him?" I questioned and yelled at the same time. It was funny. I was speaking in a calm quit voice and yelled "WAIT!" He, even jumped back a little. He, the guy who was a foot taller than me, jumped back.
"Umm... well... I did research and found out that the green quarry is a tracking beam." Eagle said. "I suppose that he was going to throw the quarry off the ship, into space." 
"It's true." Matt said.
"NO! The quarry makes you win." I said...stupidly.
"What idiot told you that." he said in a steady voice.
"That kid who yells."
"That makes sense." 
"Anyway, what is the tracking beam for?"
"Who's they?" I questioned
"I don't know. But they made the ruins on mars. I once worked for a small company called NASA." he said.
"I think I've heard of them once." 
"No. You didn't." he said very fast. "I took super sonic photos, with a robot that was still working, of mars' ground. I saw that there were ruins under mars. They came up. It...just moved up. In 2011, everything was red. In 2120... I don't know how but they just did. I saw so much; a dungeon,  a boat that looks like a spaceship, I even saw islands that float! Mars evolved. Some was plain old, lave like, mars. Most was, new, earth like, mars. It, also, has two moons with an incredible source of gravity. I don't know why they aren't spherical. One of the moons have 5 cannons. They look like they still work-"
"Umm. That's impossible." Matt said.
"Shut up. You're in jail. Anyway, the signal comes from a vehicle when it is on quarry mode and when key is inserted."
"All of that is on mars?" I asked.
"Mmmhmm." he said.
"Impossible." Matt said in that nasal voice. "The only source of water on mars is on the poler caps. Unless if mars got raised to 100 degrees F. then, and only then, a water cycle could be formed. And it would take 100 years for all of the water to do that."
"I'll prove it you little twerp!" he said in a loud voiced.
"Hey hey. Calm down. Eagle?" I said facing to him. "How much longer until we're on mars?"
"What's the date?"
"July eleventh."
"I guess..." he paused a little. "I guess 3 days. We are far away from the EARTH's gravitational pull."
"Great. Can we let Matt out?" I asked.
"NO. Not until we get there." Eagle said. "Sorry, Matt."
"Why?" Matt asked.
"Can't do the time. Don't do the crime. It was a metaphor before the AMP. They had these people called the police and that was one of there metaphor. I know this because my degree was in pre-AMP anthropology." 
"Cool." I said trying to end the conversation. Well I am going to go."
"NO! Please." Matt said.
"Actually, your visit times were over 5 minutes ago. Goodbye umm."
"Myer." I lied. 
"It's mark." Matt said in a play-tune type way.  
"Security purposes." I said looking at Eagle, smiling. 
"Welp. G'bye." Eagle said.
I left showing a wave to Matt.

July 12, 2137
That day was quiet. I told Jackson, and Hana the misunderstanding. They didn't believe me. I found Tito because it was a sunday. In the old years, sunday was a resting day because god said it in the bible. No one knew what it said because all bibles were destroyed in the AMP war. Only some parts were remember and wrote down. Not in the exact words, of course but they were written in the peoples words. The 10 commandments, I follow them; the part where it says that God crated everything, I didn't believe that because it was almost impossible for two people to create the human race; but I believed that God created the Universe and the EARTH.
We all went to Matt and talked to him for 5 hours. Hana, Jackson, Tito, Eagle, Matt, and I talked until his visiting hours were over. I went to the top floor where Aubrey was controlling the ship. He told Jackson and I where we were. I didn't understood all of the space stuff he told us. 
I was surprised that this day was, actually...normal. But for the past 43 days, that I was on this ship, it was abnormal because it was so normal. 
The key, the blue light, the quarry, the evolved mars. It was so bizarre.   

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