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Syn3h: the next generations 2. Mysteries.
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Entree July 17, 2142

July 1, 2137

       The light was beautiful as the spaceship flew.

  "A bunch of stars" I said to the person right beside me.

  "It isn't stars" he said in a nasal voice. "it is gravitons being absorbed by the sky kings enersphere. They are then turned into hydrogen atoms and are lead to the ship's nuclear fusers. They are fused together and the energy is used as fuel."

  I starred at him, feeling like an idiot. "OK..."

  "Matt." he said. "My name. Matt"

  "Cool. What brings you here?" I blurted; wishing that I didn't said that.

 "The usual." He said. "EARTH was destroyed so I went into a giant spaceship and ran away." Matt said sarcastically. 

  "HA Ha." I said. "What job do you... or did you have?"

  "I was a pilot."

  "Did you go on any adventures?" I said punching him in the arm.

  "I was a test pilot. Although, I did find something mysterious."

 "What!" I yelled.

 "There was this keyhole. The key to the jet couldn't open it. And it had the strangest shape." Matt said.

 "What was the shape?"

  "It was a little h." Matt said.

  "Strange." I said.

  "Indeed." he said.

July 2, 2137


   I woke up in my room. Jackson and Hana were there as well beca use they were my roommates.  Went outside of the room and saw a note. I opened it and it said that I was chosen to have a buggy.

"Woo hoo!" I yelled.

 "Shut up" Hana yelled.

 I went down to the very bottom floor. I saw lots of buggys. I also saw Matt. He must've been chosen too.

 A giant man led me to my buggy. He had a name tag that said hello. My name is maple.

 "Wow." I said.

 He grunted.

 I went in my buggy. It was a blackish purple with a hint of red.

 I noticed that there was a keyhole that was shaped like a h. Just like what Matt said yesterday.

  "strange." I said to myself.

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