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Over The Hills and Far Away
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A Spring Ramble
Submitted By margery on 11/02/26
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Well, it's not really spring, of course.  But looking at the sky yesterday, I could make believe that it was!
I wanted to get as high as I could, towards that warm blue sky.
 Though the temperature was far from matching it. . .=)
And so we headed up the mountain.  Here's what my lens brought home with us.
Ellen kept sliding down mountains - I guess she didn't share my urge to go up. =)  
She's the little dark shape just behind that fallen log, her sled leaving a trail that a blind man could follow with ease. . .
Dreaming of warm summer skies. . . Yesterday's was a brilliant preview!
And just above our elevation, the snow still reigns in all it's sparkling glory
Between that blue mountain range and the hill in the foreground lies a two thousand foot deep lake.
At last - we reach the summit!
Our lengthened shadows wending homeward.
Happy Trails, y'all!

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Array Re: Over The Hills and Far Away
2011/02/27 - 2:55 GMT
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That looks like fun=)  Love the picture of Tilda and the one of you, Tilda and Ellen at the top.
I love hiking in the snow but haven't done much this year because of Bonnie's knee.  It's no fun without my faithful companion:(
And I'm slightly paranoid about wolves at the moment, even with my trusty bear spray and flashlight;)
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Array Re: Over The Hills and Far Away
2011/02/27 - 6:05 GMT << In Reply to
We brought two trusty dogs, plus Aubrey, so we felt quite safe;)  I know, I'm slightly paranoid about wolves, too - ever since Ellen and I went riding that one time and saw fresh wolf tracks on top of our horses' tracks on the way home. . .  *Shudder*  
I'm so sorry you can't take Bonnie out with you for such a long time!  It must be so lonely to do the chores without her...  I'll pray that you won't ever have need of your bear spray - only your flashlight;)
Ditto here!
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Array Re: Over The Hills and Far Away
2011/02/27 - 4:30 GMT
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How lovely! Thank you for sharing, Kellie!
Your hairstyle is SO loveyl and old-fashion. Do you mind if I ask how you twist it?
Many Blessings,
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Array Re: Over The Hills and Far Away
2011/02/27 - 6:16 GMT << In Reply to
This hairstyle is deceptively simple!  All I did was make a plain braid, wrap it around my head, and tuck the end into the hair on the other side of my head, just behind the ear.  Then I used four clips to keep it all in place.  On the way out the door, I grabbed an old, dejected silk rose and tucked in under one of the clips, just for fun. =)
Of course, it depends on the length of your hair as to how far around your head the braid will extend - mine is just shy of tailbone length ("Classic length" being the more elegant term;)  and this is how far it went.
Have a lovely evening!
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Array Re: Over The Hills and Far Away
2011/02/28 - 1:31 GMT
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Say, I recognize that scarf/hood. ;-) So cute! Love your hair, too. Thanks for sharing how to do it; I may try it sometime...Lord willing my hair will grow that long (it's currently waist-length).
That picture of the snow-covered trees is GORGEOUS! Simply...majestic...etheral...bah. Words fail me.
God bless,
~"Wild Rose"~
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Array Re: Over The Hills and Far Away
2011/03/02 - 19:12 GMT
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Kellie! What wonderful pictures!  Thanks SO much for sharing them. :D 
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Array Re: Over The Hills and Far Away
2011/03/07 - 8:56 GMT
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Hi Kellie!
Abbie here :) I just had to drop a little note to say: 
1.) These pictures are stunningly beautiful! I loved scrolling through them.
2.) I just think this is funny: we sell the Mary Jane's Farm bedding line (really cute comforters, pillows, window treatments, etc.) at the store I work at, Belk - a line of department stores waaaay down here in the south.
Just thought that was a charming coincidence :)
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Array Re: Over The Hills and Far Away
2011/03/08 - 2:18 GMT << In Reply to
Hi there, Abbie!
Thank you so much for dropping a little note!  I love those=)
1.)  Thanks!  I'm glad you enjoyed them.
2.) Aren't Mary Jane's designs darling?  I was just down to her boutique store, which happens to be in Couer d' Alene, and I saw them for the first time.  And I noticed online, that she resells them through Belk.  And, I recognized the name as the department store where you work ;)  Tis a charming coincidence indeed.

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