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Submitted By edith on 10/12/19
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  • Today is my cousin Abbie's golden birthday!  She's turning 19 on the 19th;)  A very Happy Birthday, Cuz!
  • This article at Young Ladies Christian Fellowship, The Defining Factor, really encouraged me.  It was just what I needed to read.  Thanks for linking to it, Cuz:)
  • Tomorrow is the last day to link up to the Yuletide Farmgirl Festival over at A Maiden's Musings.  You don't want to miss out on the giveaway!
  • I'm trying a new hairstyle today.  I copied it from a hairstyle that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's.   (Note: I do not necessarily recommend this movie.  I liked it, but there are several scenes that I find quite objectionable that I know most of you wouldn't approve of.  So, if you watch this movie and you're shocked, don't say I didn't warn ya.  As for me, I use fast forward.) 
    This is the hairstyle I copied - I don't quite have it perfected yet, but I really like it:)
  • Christmas is only 6 days away!!! =D
  • I still have two ------- that I have to crochet before Christmas;)  I'm crocheting as fast as I can, but since I've already made 3, my fingers are getting tired.
  • Check out these fun old radio shows!  I love listening to them on my iPod while I'm crocheting or doing stuff on my computer at night.  My favorites?  Captain Blood, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Phantom of the Opera, and In Old Oklahoma.  (Obviously, use your own judgement as to which shows you listen to:)
  • I think I'm going to make cookies today...
  • Here's a short article I wrote last year on the seasons of our life.  I need to read it over again more often.
Well, that's all for now folks!  So long, and Merry Christmas!

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Re: Miscellany
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Posted 2010/12/20 - 19:38 GMT
  • Thanks for the Happy Birthday, Tasha! (I got your voicemail message, too, late last night! I'm going to email, and hopefully call you later today:)
  • You're welcome - I really enjoyed that article too. Timely message, and also a pretty balanced perspective. :)
  • I totally want to see pics of your hairstyle! I hope you took some! I adore the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's now, but when I first saw it, I didn't like it. Had to watch it a few times to really get into it. And you're right, some of the scenes would be rather shocking if you weren't expecting them. My favorite, most random one, is the party she throws, and that crazy lady is laughing, then crying in the mirror at herself. (If I were an extra in a movie, I'd want a part like that =D)
  • Totally checking out some of those old radio shows. I need some more driving entertainment. (I'm almost finished with Jane Austen's Emma on audiobook.)
  • Cookies are a splendid idea.
  • That article was beautiful. Definitely good to read over often as a reminder.
  • We got your Christmas package today, right on sschhhhedule! I can't wait to open the gifts!!! (Also, we're sending out y'all's package today, so you JUST might get it before Christmas, maybe!!!)
Re: Miscellany
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Posted 2010/12/21 - 1:59 GMT
  • You're welcome, Cuz:)  Oh, please do give me a call back sometime!  I've been wanting to talk to you for a loooong time.
  • Alas, I didn't take any pictures of my hairstyle, but I will next time I wear my hair like that.   Yep, same thing with me - at first I didn't really like it, but it's grown on me.  That lady cracks me up, too!  I think my favorite random part is when Holly takes a high heeled shoe out of the refrigerator, looks at it, and then puts it back;)  It always makes me laugh.  And my favorite quote, "It should take you 4 seconds to get to the door.  I'll give you 2." ;D  Oh, and I've officially decided that someday we need to rent an apartment together, and we will have a chair made out of a bathtub with purple cushions, and a orange tabby cat named "Cat".  What do you think? :)
  • The radio shows are so neat!  And that page I linked to is only a fraction of the vast collection on that website!
  • Sadly, I didn't get around to making cookies yesterday:(  Maybe tomorrow...
  • I think we just made history - both of us sent out our Christmas packages before Christmas!!  Wow. ;)  I can't wait to get yours, and I know you'll love your presents=)
Re: Miscellany
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Posted 2010/12/29 - 21:09 GMT
  • Ahem - pardon my late reply =D
  • I'm super glad we talked on the phone - we SHOULD do it more often!
  • heehee - I love that part in B@T's too, with the shoe =D And the line, "My name is Paul - Paul Varjak, and I love you!"
  • We should OFFICIALLY get an apartment together someday (sooner rather than later, preferable=D) And have the couch and the cat. (Just not the shoes in the refrigerator!) heh heh :)
  • I have yet to check out the radio shows. But tonight is looking promising for that very activity.
Love you!
Re: Miscellany
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Posted 2010/12/30 - 2:23 GMT
  • It's okay;)
  • Yep - we've established the fact that we should talk on the phone more often;D
  • teehee - and when Paul is trying to explain to...whoever that guy in the adjustable bed is...who he is, "Paul Varjak...you know, Holly's neighbor...this is Fred."  "Oh! Fred Baby!" LOL!  I love the end, in the rain.  So sweet:)  And Holly's earplugs are so funny!  Oh, I love that movie...except for a few parts. (Remember folks - I love this movie, but I do not recommend it to you!  Thank you.)
  • I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my sheep and other animals while I'm living in an apartment...I'll figure something out;) (Yeah, before we're old enough to get our old lady Christmas sweaters - do you remember that?)  I so want a couch like that=)  (lol.  Yeah, no shoes in the fridge - people might think we're crazy;)
  • Have fun checking out the radio shows!
  • I like bulleted lists - such fun!  And it keeps everything so neat and orderly.
Love you, too!

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