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A Walk in the Woods
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Submitted By margery on 10/12/05
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I went out this morning a little earlier than usual to do the chores.  I had a mission.  
The sky was completely clear.  The thermometer read 19 F.  I knew it would come, and I wanted to be there when it did.
Armed with camera, I waited for it to arrive.  This is what I saw in the interval.
Frosted raspberry leaves
Eave detail
There's nothing so festive as icicles=)
I love where I live!
Frozen tree fort
By this time, my hands were getting frozen.  You know that searing, agonizing pain you get just before all feeling flees from your consciousness?  Yet I stuck it out.
Yes, I'm crazy.
I wrote a song with my friend one time about that very phenomenon - (frozen fingers and toes, not my mental state;).  We'll have to record it and share with you some time. . . 
My good puppy Rosie!
And my other good puppy, Leroy!  (who hates having her picture taken!)
Milo waiting for his breakfast
Susan the snow-lady - Lilly's handiwork
A cheerful rooster
And then, I took up my position.  The time was nigh.  Just a few minutes more. . . 
A winter sunrise - this photograph is not enhanced in any way.
God's gift to those who only go out to see it!
The sun's up - I'm going inside to make waffles!
And begin the painful process of defrosting.
Have a joyful Sunday!
"Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that areupright in heart."
-Psalms 32:11

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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/05 - 21:06 GMT
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Okay, I really, really need to start getting up earlier to do the chores again - I've missed the beautiful winter sunrises!  Thanks for reminding me of what I'm missing out on:)
You know, we really should record that song one of these days...;)  Actually, if my memory serves me right, we have a video recording which I posted on the cousins blog=}
Much love,
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/06 - 22:52 GMT << In Reply to
You're welcome;)
Yes, we should do a "real" recording some day - though that impromptu video is pretty good, if my memory serves me=)
I would love to go see the video again - I haven't been on there in a while, you know. . . :)
We also need to have a sewing day (several, I think), a fox-and-geese day, a swing-time watching day (still have it, by the way;), and a birthday-party-for-you day. . . my word, what a pathetic list!  We MUST do something about it!  
My pluse...
... is getting...
... fainter...
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/06 - 23:09 GMT << In Reply to
A real recording would be good.  We look about as crazy as we really are in the video;)
A sewing day (or two...or more!) would be lovely! 
Believe me, I would drive up to your place this minute, but my dad won't let me drive now that there's snow on the ground:(  So, that's why I haven't taken up your mom's offer to come over anytime:) 
I don't know why we didn't play Fox and Geese last time y'all were over...but, we managed to have fun;)
That's right - we never did get together for my birthday!  How about we combine Swing Time, with my un-birthday?!  Sounds like fun to me=)
A pathetic list to be sure.  So, let's do something about it! 
Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are usually good for us, so when you have a free day just give us a call.  We don't mind having you invite yourself over;)
I truly feel quite weak...I don't know...if I can...make it...  *collapses on the floor amid Christmas tree decorations, moaning faintly*
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/07 - 17:42 GMT << In Reply to
Thanks, dear.  I just about laughed myself silly watching a certain hysterical video. . . now I'm going to be singing it all day=D  I also reminisced over the all the matchless fun we had with The Red Guy, and "Beware of the Balladeers!"  :D
Excuse me, while I go have a mild attack of Cabin Fever. . . 
I know. . . I would drive down to your place this minute, but for almost similar reasons;)
We managed to have plenty of fun, alright;)  Doing the weirdest things;)
Swing time and un-birthday - sounds good!
 Well, I'll see what happens this week, and if there's a day that so much as looks like an opening, I'll give you a call!
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/07 - 19:54 GMT << In Reply to
Hehe - I just took a short trip down memory lane to refresh my memory, and I just about died laughing over our silliness.  What really cracked me up are the photobooth pictures you posted.  And who could forget The Red Guy?   ;D
Oh dear...well, I'm going to go crawl back into my bed - I have a slight cold at the moment, so I'm staying in bed, working on Christmas presents and watching Roy Rogers.  Tis truly quite pleasant:)
Sounds good!  Hopefully I'll see you sometime soon=)
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/08 - 21:32 GMT << In Reply to
I'm so sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, dear - Hope you're fully recovered!
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/09 - 2:28 GMT << In Reply to
Yes, I'm happy to say that I am fully recovered.   A day in bed, plenty of kleenex, and Roy Rogers did the trick;)
Much love,
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/05 - 22:36 GMT
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So pretty!
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/06 - 22:53 GMT << In Reply to
Thanks, Sereina!
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/06 - 19:44 GMT
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Lovely!  You took some really beautiful pictures.  Winter is sooo lovely. . .and sooo cold! :D  My sister is an avid photographer, and spent 1/2 hr outside the other night -- she only came in because her tripod got so cold that it broke, and she realized she was risking her camera at that point. :D  
Again, lovely job! Thanks for sharing.
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/07 - 17:29 GMT << In Reply to
I agree - Winter is lovely, but it sure is a lot harder to just live than it is in the summer!  I love taking pictures, though I don't consider myself anywhere near being called a real photographer=) Someday, though, I hope to invest in a really "nice" camera and buckle down to learn all about photography as an art.  Right now it's just a great way to preserve memories;)
Wow!  I'm so sorry your sister's tripod broke!  That's too cold. . . :-)  I'm sure she captured some beautiful shots, though!
P.S. I'm trying to think of a way to get together. . . At this point, I'm just waiting on the Lord's timing=) 
I'm still thinking of you, and can't wait to get together and jam!
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Array Re: A Walk in the Woods
2010/12/07 - 19:46 GMT << In Reply to
Actually, Sis was laughing when she told me about her tripod.  :D 
Hey, if you love taking pictures, you might as well keep it up.  My sister is working on starting her own photography business, but she has no formal education in Photography, just talent. :D 
I know what you mean about winter being harder to live in. I agree.  You rarely have to worry about road conditions in the summer . . . or frozen toes for that matter. 
I'd love to get together. I think it would be fun. God has good timing, so I'm not worried about that.  :D  I trust Him. 

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