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What has convinced you & what would convince you?
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Submitted By doctorofscience on 10/11/16
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Mike posted a surprisingly interesting question/challenge in another thread:
How about you tell me why you believe in evolution and I'll tell you how the creationist sees it and why I left evolution for sound philosphical reasons.
I'd rephrase that to "why do you accept the theory of evolution (or creationism, for the other side)", since "believe in" typically a position based on faith.
And I'll expand that by adding 3 additional questions: what do you think is the most convincing piece/set of evidence in favour of your position? Did you ever hold the opposite position - and if so, what convinced you of your current position? And last: what would it take to convince you that the opposite position is correct, or at least that your own views are incorrect?

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