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Green Tomatos
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Harvest Time
Submitted By edith on 10/10/29
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Freshly picked tomatoes smell soooo good...
Oh, and that is a chili pepper in there, too.  An Anaheim chili, to be precise:)
I'm planning on try some fun recipes with these puppies!
TipNut.com and Allrecipes.com have a lot of great recipes for green tomatoes.
I think I'm going to try pickling some of them, use a few for a cake or a pie, just for fun, and definitely fry some! 
This is gonna be fun=)

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Re: Green Tomatos
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Posted 2010/10/29 - 18:23 GMT
Ooh, green tomatoes!  You must make a green tomato cake - it's surprisingly delicious=)
Breaded and fried with butter and onions is hard to beat, too;)  But then, just about anything fried in butter and onions is hard to beat. . . 
Your little Anaheim chili pepper is so cute=)
Happy cooking!
Re: Green Tomatos
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Posted 2010/10/30 - 5:14 GMT
We've made a cake using "normal" red tomatoes, and it was super delicious, but I've never tried it with green tomatoes.  I'm looking forward to that!
Fried green tomatoes are on the menu for dinner tomorrow night, with plenty of butter and onions.  And yes, anything fried with butter and onions is hard to beat;)
lol.  It certainly is, especially compared to its big "brothers", who are about 3 times that size!=)
At least my peppers did well - I had to throw away over half of my tomato crop because I overwatered them, and they had blossom end rot:(  That's so me - I usually forget to water my plants, so I wanted to make sure that didn't happen, and ended up swinging too far the other way;)  Lesson learned for next year, though:)
Much love,

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