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How to become an awesome buggy fighter
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umm this is a tutorial.
Submitted By theultimateferrarienzo on 10/10/16
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To become a great quarry fighter while using a buggy, you kinda have to master all of the controls and basically everything buggy. First of all the easy stuff: to shoot, you can either shoot just by clicking the mouse while the mouse is on the game display. Prefferably doing this while in the air, because the arrows can only go straight in this type of method. Second, you can press the one button, and you will be taken to a display were there is a circle type aim Thingy for the laser. This let's you turn around in any direction and shoot wherever you like. That method is not the most powerful one to use, but it is surely a quick one for ambushing quickly, and it is an all time favorite for most users. The next kind of laser shooting type you can use, is after pressing one, hold shift and you will be taken to a similar view to the second choice i stated. The view is very close up, much like binoculars. The shot is much more powerful than any other kind of shooting you can do. The laser is a red color, and it travels much faster than a green one that you most likely see if you just press one. And if your settings are default.
Now onto your laser preferences. If you are the host of a game, you can set te laser settings, and any other type of settings you want. If you take a look at firepower on a vehicles settings, you can make it very powerful if you want to.
Full means you will get a red laser on any shooting method you choose. If you make it the least powerful, you will get a light green for most shooting styles.
Another setting that you can change that may give you an advantage during a fight, is laser speed. The slowest setting is about 70 mph or so. And the fastest is instantaneous almost. One setting that Is related to this is laser gravity. It can either give you an advantage or make your game worse. if the setting is full gravity, it will most likely fall quickly.

Now onto the flying part of this tutorial. First of all if you don't know how to fly yet there are the original tutorials on marsxplr.com. When you are fighting in flying combat(watch out for kruncher) there are ways in which flying can give you an advantage(acc is better than Gcc). Wait no skip that I didn't mean that yet. I'm too lazy to edit cuz it's late at night. In order to keep you speed while flying, pres the up and down arrow keys alternatingly. Ok now onto the advantages of flying. There is a certain way to fly that is kind of cheating, and that is bee fighting or flicking your wings, releasing the wings, and then applying the Wings when you are pointed in the direction that you want to go. If you do this you will not lose speed while turning unlike normal flying. You could be flying at 80 and turn at the same speed as opposed to around 70.

And that's the end of my tutorial for you guys. Hope it helps.
Sorry about all of the repitition and all of the not good sentences. It's eleven pm and I'm tired. I just wanted to do this for extra help to you guys. And I would lien it if more people got involved in this. There are alot of newbs who don't know the basics of this game. And sorry for this being really long.

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Re: How to become an awesome buggy fighter
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Posted 2010/10/16 - 2:54 GMT
Comments and views greatly appreciated.
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Re: How to become an awesome buggy fighter
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Posted 2010/10/16 - 17:47 GMT
You write awesome tutorials and I love your work. You've been a great contributor (and the only) to this forum. Thank you.
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Re: How to become an awesome buggy fighter
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Posted 2010/10/16 - 21:40 GMT
Actually gub just made one
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Re: How to become an awesome buggy fighter
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Posted 2011/03/10 - 4:13 GMT
I would contribute too, but I still don't know very much yet.  I think that eventually, this tutorial site will be so useful, at least to me.  We just need more contributors, like you said.  I wish I knew enough to contribute...well, I'm getting there.

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