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Kelly Green
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Thinking of you...
Submitted By edith on 10/10/24
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This kelly green retro dress on etsy made me think of you, Kellie:)
Isn't it sweet?!  I love the collar.

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Re: Kelly Green
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Posted 2010/10/25 - 1:43 GMT
DARLING!  I love, love, love it!!  That's so sweet of you, dear=)
I've been out of the swing of things for a few days, due to the internet not cooperating, for one thing, as well as housesitting for the R's again, and spending time with Grampy.  I really want to get together with you while he's still here - is it possible?  We also still need to watch Swing Time, which I requested again to help while away some of my solitary hours over at the R's=)
Anyway, hope you are all well, and I'm quite wild to see you!  We must do something *soon*:)
Your ever loving,
~Kellie green~
P.S. Don 't you love that text design?  I do =D
Re: Kelly Green
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Posted 2010/10/25 - 4:30 GMT
I knew you'd like it:)
My, you've been busy!  I hate it when the internet is acting up:(  So annoying...
Yes, yes, yes!  I would LOVE to get together with y'all while Grampy is still here!!  I was hoping you'd want to=) 
Name a date and I'll be there =D
Yes, I've been wanting to watch Swing Time with you!  And dance=) 
Fridays are my library days now, so I've been well stocked with musicals and other fun movies - they have a lovely selection at the Hayden library.  I'm planning on watching part of Wives and Daughters tonight:)
Finally saw Fred and Ginger in Shall We Dance.  Have you seen that one?  Fun stuff:)
I've been simply aching to see you, dear.  I keep having to suppress the urge to do something crazy and wild for fear of alarming my family - I'm afraid it won't be entirely safe when we get together again;^D
Your loving friend,
P.S. Yes, I do!=)

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