The hovercraft
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A fun vehicle
Submitted By Gub on 10/10/16
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The hovercraft is an awesome vehicle for racing especially. To use this vehicle use the arrow keys. The hard part about this vehicle is that it is hard to slow down, and hard to turn fast. For slowing down, you can press the backwards button, but the easiest way to slow down is the command key. It makes you slow down very fast. (Careful, when you are in the browser not to press any other keys besides the arrow keys while you are pressing command.)
To turn sharply, you can hold command and turn, which makes it a bit easier, but if you are in a race course, the best way is to turn with the left or right key, and let your vehicle ram against the wall to slow down and turn fast. It is fun with the hovercraft to go off jumps, or explore large worlds. Remember, though, that you can not fly, or go up straight or steep cliffs or walls, so careful where you go.
That's my tutorial. 

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Re: The hovercraft
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Posted 2010/10/16 - 21:50 GMT
Well, ramming the walls is not fun, and can make you feel like an underaccomplished racer. Plus I have had some SERIOUS problems when jumping. It always spins out or does a handling crippling barrel roll. Plus it's easy to go up a hill as Long as you have momentum and it's not steep. Great tutorial though. I'm glad to see someone else
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Re: The hovercraft
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Posted 2010/10/16 - 21:51 GMT
Oh and I was thinking of the same thing. Rrggg you beat me too it.
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Re: The hovercraft
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Posted 2010/10/17 - 22:18 GMT
Glad to see someone posting a tutorial besides me and Enzo. Great job, Gub!

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