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The Simple Woman's Daybook
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~November 1st, 2010~
Submitted By edith on 10/11/02
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Outside my window...dark.  wet.  rainy.  muddy.  cold.  period.

I am thinking...all of my before-the-snow-falls chores are getting done.  Yeah!  Good feeling:)

I'm looking forward to...swing dance with Kellie=)

I am thankful...that the ewes are now on "holiday" for a month to visit our friend Rod's ram, Earl. 

From the kitchen...Daddy brought home pizza tonight, and it is in the oven.  Yummy...

I am wearing...my favorite half circle denim skirt, a teal v-neck t-shirt, and a lavender sweater.

Today I was/am...well, if I was blonde and knew how to Swing dance, I would have been Ginger Rogers.  Instead, I was an enthralled admirer, watching in a blissful state of rapture as Fred and Ginger danced across the screen.  *sigh*

I am creating...a surprise;)

I am going...to set the table and eat dinner.

Scripture I am reading...Ephesians 6 - love the book of Ephesians.

I am reading...my Bible, a short story by Louisa May Alcott, and misc. other books. 

I am hoping...to see Kellie very, very, very soon!  My pulse is almost non-existent at this point, my dear.  You simply must do something, or I perish...;)

I am hearing...Alex playing his guitar.

One of my favorite things...swingy skirts and dancing.

What I did today:  read, took a walk, brought the ewes over to Rod's for breeding, read some more, watched Top Hat (starring guess who?;) with mom and Alex, played the piano, watched the rain, and other things to trivial to mention.

A few plans for the rest of the week: visit Kellie (I hope), get paid by one of my lamb customers (finally!), reading, sewing, crocheting, web design, watching old movies, and other fun stuff:) 

Random thought...Fred Astaire's head looks like a light bulb...or an inverted pear.  Sad, but true.

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