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Historical Costume Inspiration Festival
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The Inspiration
Submitted By edith on 10/10/02
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The Historical Costume Inspiration Festival at The Story of a Seamstress begins tomorrow!
I'm so excited!!=D
There are so many costumes I wanted to sew just for the contest - there's no such thing as too many costumes, right? - but alas, the "fates" conspired against me. 
  • lack of fabric - who'd have thunk we'd ever run out of fabric, being the fabric collectors that we are!
  • lack of funds with which to buy more fabric - my last sewing project (a medieval dress) broke me...and I still haven't finished that costume!  I got tired of it.  I'm planning on pulling it out and finishing it this winter:)
  • missing patterns - rather, one missing pattern.  The one I needed, of course...*grrr*
So, I didn't sew any new costumes, but not for lack of inspiration. 
Oh, no indeed!
My head is simply swimming and swirling with ideas.  Sometimes I can't fall asleep at night for thinking of all of the lovely outfits I'd love to make...
It usually happens when I watch a movie before going to bed.  I see a costume I would love to duplicate, and then my head is so full of plans and ideas for recreating it, that I can't fall asleep.  Maybe I should stop watching movies before I go to bed...;)
Like the other night, when I was watching the old BBC adaptation of The Silver Chair from the Chronicles of Narnia.  I grew up watching those movies, and I still love them very much (far more accurate than the new movies, if not as epic), but as many times as I've seen them, that night it suddenly came to me that I absolutely have to make a Narnian outfit like Jill's. 
Pretty basic really, and actually quite similar to my bonnie lass outfit - lace-up vest, very full skirt, and a sort of peasant-y looking blouse with cuffs.
I was also inspired by this outfit worn by Hayley Mills in Summer Magic...
Sweet, isn't it?:)
And someday, in the very, very far distant future, I might try for a costume like this...
Oh, the lace! and the sleeves! and the skirt! and the hat!  Love the hat=)  And sweet, lovely Olivia de Havilland as Arabella Bishop from Captain Blood.  *sigh*
And someday I'll finish my medieval dress, which was originally inspired by this painting...
...and then influenced by Maid Marian's outfits in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938).
Actually, I'd always wanted a Maid Marian costume ever since I first saw that movie when I was just a little girl, but the above painting decided it;)
And that, my dear readers, is what has been swirling about in my brain for the past month.
Are you surprised I can't sleep after seeing all of those inspiring costumes?!?!

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