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Meat in the Freezer
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Submitted By edith on 10/10/14
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Well, the lambs were all butchered last Friday, and we picked up the meat today - six lambs worth, which comes to 210 lbs. of meat in the freezer!
That's a lot of meat!  Enough to last us a year and then some!
Good thing I only had to fit six lambs in there - I don't think I could have fit anymore in!
You get such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction seeing the freezer full of meat from lambs that were raised on your property.
This year, none of our lambs were under 40 lbs hanging weight, and the biggest was 72.8 lbs. hanging weight!  Our biggest lambs yet!
BTW, we still have about 6 leg and shoulder roasts left over from last year.  Anyone interested in buying some of them?  We also have one whole lamb from this year available if anyone is interested (or 2 halves if you don't want a whole).  Let me know:)
Three guesses what we're having for dinner tonight - one aught to do it;)

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