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Chicken Palace Kidnapping!
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Submitted By edith on 10/09/30
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Extra, extra!  Read all about it!  Kidnapping at the Chicken Palace!
Yesterday, the three occupants of the Chicken Palace, Mr. Flynn, Miss Pecker and Miss Charity disappeared!  A tunnel leading under the foundation of the building was discovered by special agent Bonnie, of FIDO ( the Farm Investigation Dogs Organization).  Evidence leads the agency to believe that the chicken thieves attempted to enter through the floor of the Chicken Palace, but, being unable to get through the floor, instead forced an entrance through a weak spot in the chicken wire.  Nothing has been found of the kidnapped victims, except for a few feathers floating about the crime scene.  As no ransom has been set, it is feared they are gone forever and are now at peace in that great chicken coop in the sky.
Yes, the Chicken Palace is now empty.  My three remaining chickens were nabbed by some unknown varmint sometime yesterday.  Poor things. 
But, I'm thankful that it wasn't a predator with his eye on the lamb chops running around here! =)
I want those lamb chops, myself...;)
{Wooten is HUGE!  I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how much she weighs.}
Aside from the Chicken Palace tragedy, things are running along nicely on our little farm.
I've got a big, long list of things to be done before winter, and things are finally getting checked off...
  • The lambs are going to the butchers sometime next week
  • We got a third of the hay we need for the rest or the year
  • The horses had their shoes pulled today
It's such a relief to have hay in the loft, especially since I was down to 1 bale! I'm thankful that we got 80lbs. bales this year, and not 100+ lbs. bales like we did last year.  I'm not a very big person, and it was all I could do to even drag the bales across the loft last year.  80lbs. is much, much nicer to work with:)
Now I just need to...
  • Have the horse's teeth floated (filed and rasped, for those who aren't familiar with horse terminology:)
  • Have the llama's teeth and toenails trimmed
  • Get some straw delivered
  • Finish getting everything outside picked up and ready for the first snow (if you leave something outside and it snows, you might not find it till spring;) 
Who knows when the first snow will be, but we had an early fall this year, so you never know=)
Anyway, I thought I'd just tell y'all all of that just because I like to make bulleted lists, and I knew you'd be so interested=)  Just so ya know, and just in case you were absolutely dying to know what I've been doing lately... 
Well, happy trails folks!

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Re: Chicken Palace Kidnapping!
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Posted 2010/09/30 - 15:43 GMT
I hope you can rescue your chickens from the chicken thieves! When we had chickens, the chicken thieves happened to be our cats, who would slip their paws under our through the chicken tracter and catch one. We found dead chickens all over the yeard until they got to big for our cats to get. Hey, if you need any help getting ready for winter, let us know. We will be glad to help. Just getting ready for winter had our house is a big job, I can imagine what a big job it is at your place! It is nice to get things checked off the list :).
Re: Chicken Palace Kidnapping!
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Posted 2010/09/30 - 20:59 GMT
I'm afraid it's a bit late to rescue the chickens.  I know it wasn't our cats, because when the chickens were free ranging they never bothered them.   I'm not really sure who the thief was, but I suspect it had on a fur coat, had a fluffy tail with rings around it, and was wearing a little black mask;) 
I'm glad I only found feathers, and not dead chickens!
Thank you so much for the offer!  If I think of anything, I'll definitely let you know.  It's so much more fun working with a friend:)
See you tomorrow=)

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