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And the winner is...
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Crochet Tam Giveaway
Submitted By edith on 10/11/28
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One slip for each time you entered...
I dumped the slips into a hatbox, put the lid on, and shook it.
I opened the lid a crack, and my brother reached in and drew out one slip. 
One slip, with the name of the winner scrawled upon it...
And the winner is...
Kellie, at A Maiden's Musings!
Congratulations, Kellie!
Shoot me an email or give me a call, and we'll find a time for you to pick up your tam...and maybe squeeze in a few rounds of Fox and Geese;)
Thank you to everyone who participated!  I had a lot of fun hosting this giveaway, and I plan to have more in the future=)  Would everyone like that?
Happy Trails y'all!

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Re: And the winner is...
2010/11/29 - 17:34 GMT
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Plexpedia is acting up again. . . ;)
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Re: And the winner is...
2010/11/30 - 18:32 GMT << In Reply to
Plexpedia isn't the only thing that's acting up - our internet was down all day yesterday!
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Re: And the winner is...
2010/11/29 - 17:36 GMT
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How exciting!  I'm in a state of pseudo shock. . . 
Alex is always lucky, but his infamous luck has never turned itself to my advantage  - 'till now;D
Thanks for hosting the giveaway=)  I can't wait to see you!
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Re: And the winner is...
2010/11/30 - 18:34 GMT << In Reply to
lol.  Alex is indeed a lucky guy when it comes to drawings, raffles and such;)
I can't wait to see you, too!  It's been far too long.

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