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Cousin Johnny at Talache
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Or, Fun and Adventures While Fighting Off Campers!
Submitted By edith on 10/08/16
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It's official.
They really do exist!
I saw one of them.
No, really!  I did.
What's that you say?  Who is this "they" and "them" that I speak of?
Well, I'll tell you... (I don't know;) Movie line.
Ahem, "they" is referring to the F's cousins from Maryland, and the one that I met is Johnny.
Also known as Jon.
Also known as Jonathan.
Take your pick.
We've heard quite a bit about these elusive cousins ever since the Fs visited them back in '07 while back east for the Jamestown 400.
But, did they really exist?  Or was the photographic evidence a hoax, cleverly contrived to fool us into thinking they did, when they didn't
I mean, how about all of those phony photos of Bigfoot and Sasquatch?!
But, despite our doubts, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of these alleged cousins does indeed exist.
I present for your consideration, exhibit A...
Not again!  I do apologize for this folks.  Every once in a while this fellow and his son...oh, that's a monkey?!  I beg your pardon! couldn't tell... Has anyone ever told you that you look alike?  Okay, okay, I was just asking!  This fellow and his monkey infiltrate my blog.
I've found that the best solution is to ignore him...
So...let's try that, shall we?
Thank you.
Ahem, here is exhibit A...
The usual gang plus *drum roll please* Johnny,  on the far right with the very cool hat.  Oh, and the machine gun slung over his shoulder.
So you see?  They really do exist!  At least one of them does...
Okay, enough talk.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures:)
Kellie, Ellen, and I went for a hike up the hill/cliff.  In the middle of the above picture you can see the F's suburban way down at the bottom of the hill. 
Did I ever tell you that I can't stand heights?
Ellen pauses for a breather after the first stage of our perilous accent.  Just don't look down...
No comment...except that this was before we squirted him with the stream machines.  Hehe...
"You despise me, don't you?"
Sorry, random movie line.
Dr. Suess - it never gets old:) 
Kellie and I amused ourselves - and everyone else I might add - by reading different Dr. Suess books out loud at the same time.  Such classics as Go, Dogs, Go!, The Diggingest Dog, and Green Eggs and Ham.  When we tired of that, we took turns reading lines from The Cat in the Hat in our most dramatic accents.  Quite fun:)
Oh so cool...;)
Does this picture need a caption?  No, I think not...
Ahh, yes...the tent.
Upon the Fs arrival, they found the tent, pictured above, set up at our usual spot.  Since no campers appeared, they decided that they must be out on a boat for the day, and decided to set up their camp anyway.
Kellie, Ellen, and I decided that maybe the campers were really inside the tent sleeping...all 20 of them.  We further decided that at any moment they would emerge, armed with inflatable ducky rings 'round their middles, floaties on each arm, and weighted diving boots on their feet.  Very solemnly, in single file, and without looking to the right or the left, they would march into the lake, journey to the opposite shore, travel back across to their tent where they will confront us and say..."HI!"  I also decided that as they emerged from the tent, the tent would slowly collapse until it was just a puddle on the ground when the last one left.
No, we're really quite normal=)
BTW, when we left at 4:30 PM the campers who belonged to the tent still hadn't shown up...
"High-ly sus-pect!"
Sorry, another random movie line.
And that is the end of this post.  On reading over it, it seems a trifle...strange...and just a tad silly but...enjoy what you can and forgive what you can't enjoy.
Until next time, Happy Trails, y'all!

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