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Mars Horror Story Part 1
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trying out a new idea here
Submitted By sebfromnz on 10/08/06
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This will be a story that will be written by anyone that's wants to
I will start it off in this post, but they this will work is that in the story i have started it tells of what i have done, and there are several gaps where as i explain things that could be connected to someone else's story
i shall slowly add my story to this post as it is spread over 5 pages on Word
and if you add a part that may relate to this story in some way i may try and pice the story together in such a way it will flow and act like a single story
here is the first page:
Two years after the first team of explorers landed on the Red Planet Mars several bases had been set up, and there were plans of a giant wing in ground effect carrier that was to be made for easy and fast transport over the large lava seas, as the hovercraft could only carry a small amount of supplies meaning exploration was limited to how much it could carry, and the buggy and the tank were slow to go through the lava so they were also out of the question………. After several months and several test models the final design was ready to be tested out on the lava! On the sides of it in bold letters was the name “Sea Monster&r dquo;. After it was fully tested a small team set out over the lava sea to set up a base on the other side in order to further enhance the research. After 2 days the main base were I was staying to do my training there was a call that came through that they could see land, and were going to land in a few hours and set up base. (After the success of the test results of the first Sea Monster hours 3 more were ordered in,but they would take some time to make
……….. A few weeks later when I was near the end of my training there was a mayday call from the team that had set out across the lava ocean saying that their base had been attacked by some unknown force during the dead of the night, and that the Sea Monster that they had travel out on was now sinking in to the lava ocean and that they were going to see if they could make it back to the main base. Because they were so far away we had no way of getting to them to help them out as the 2nd Sea Monster was just in it’s first stages of construction, I began to think to myself if only there was a way to get to them even faster than the Sea Monster could travel. Later that night I started to draw up plans for a flying carrier for just that reason. Construction of this vehicle started the next day, and after a few months the first one was ready to fly, but when looking at the design of the inside I could see I had made a mistake somewhere along the lines……….
………. After several attempts to fix the problem on the Sky Monster (this was the name given to it) and not much luck on fixing the matter I drew up plans for a replacement Sky Monster and began to work on it straight way………… soon after the First Sky Monster was done a second team in the second Sea Monster had set out to rescue anyone that they could find from team that had first set out, and find out what had caused the destruction of the base…………. A model of the 2nd Sky Monster had been made during the time while they were away, and I could see that this one would not work as well, so plans for a 3rd (the one thats in mars today) and final attempt at making a Sky Monster was drawn up…………… Upon arriving back at the main Base the rescue team had come back with the recorders from the base and began going through the data that was recorded in the few weeks the base was online.
Here is the second page:
On day two of the setting up of the eastern base they found out that work was almost done when there was a small mars quake and that the team was unstopped by this, as mars quake were common by the ocean. A few more days there was a second larger mars quake, this concerned the team a small bit, but it was still only a small one, so not much time was wasted on it…………….. A few more days past and there was another mars quake, but it was smaller than the first one, so no one worried about it……………… After finding that there was 3 mars quakes in the space of a few weeks a second team was sent back over the lava ocean to see if they could find anything unusual about the area where the eastern base was set up……………. The 3rd Sky Monster was build during the time the second team had been sent over to the eastern base and was going through it’s test flights at the same time as the 4th Sea Monster was going through it’s sea trials. So far all was great as the Sky Monster was better than everyone expected and was passing all it’s tests and all the speed records the Sea Monster had set when it was first launched
………………… Just as things were going well a message was sent out to the main Base from Earth saying that Mars was going to be hit by a massive meteoroid that had been flung out of orbit around the sun by Jupiter in about 6 weeks. Plans were made to get everyone of the planet before it hit. 10 minutes later there was an impact warning alarm going off around the base, as quick as I could I ran down in to my basement that I had build for testing out/building new vehicles, in which I had set up a large screen with video from all satellites that were in orbit around mars to only to see some of them get destroyed by the massive meteoroid that was meant to be arriving in 6 weeks time. ……………….
When I awoke after hitting my head on the metal desk the second Mars was hit I brought up all the satellites that were still on line to see what the damage was to the planet. Luckily for us the meteoroid hit the other side of the planet, but were it had hit a large lava ocean covering half of the planet had formed and the side we were on was covered in a blanket of ice and snow. As the force of the impact had caused the plant to stop spinning around, causing our side to face away from the Sun. This caused the side where the main base was to start to freeze and get covered ice and snow dew to the fact that the molten side of the planet was realizing gases and starting to remake an atmosphere on the planet……….. After a few days it came to our attention that one of the new Sky Monsters was missing from the base, most likely the blast wave from the impact caused it to break free of the gravity field that was keeping it off the ground and next to the workshop that had been set up to make them.  There was general panic about what will happen next, and how we will get everyone off the planet. Then it came to our attention that there were several buggy’s and tanks missing from the main mars garage where all the vehicles are kept when not in use by the explorers. 
Page 3:
Within the next hour we had found that the missing vehicles had been logged out to be used by the search and rescue team and team that had set up the new base on the other side of the now dried up lava ocean. It was called upon that the remaining Sky Monster would have to transport the Sea Monsters to the other side of the planet where they could be used to explore the new lava ocean, as well as transport another main style base to the edge of the lava ocean. The base merely looked like a big metal box, which would then grow in to the base, for easy transport. With Aubrey on the way from planet earth with a rescue team, I decided to modify the basic buggy design to travel over the deepening snow to search for the missing Sky Monster… it had a more powerful engine and large off road wheels, and was raised up from the ground more I began my search for the Sky Monster.
. After weeks worth of traveling during the day, not knowing where the Sky Monster was I stared to give up on finding it. By this time people back at the base noticed that I was missing and had tried to radio me but I was out of range… and could only hope they checked there e-mail’s, as I had sent an e-mail to everyone explaining what I was going to do. A few more days passed and then the wind picked up really bad, causing a white out as it was picking up the snow off the ground and throwing it around… after a couple of hours I found what seemed to be a lone mountain in the show and took shelter at it’s base.
After 4 days of waiting out the storm it finally stopped, so I decided to look at the mountain only to noticed it looked like the main Fin at the back of the Sky Monster… but soon I thought it’s only a mountain and started to drive around it only to see a second smaller fin and a wing tip. Calling up the buggy’s computer I looked at a 3D map of the Sky Monster and set the buggy’s laser to it’s highest heat setting and started to melt the snow to make a tunnel in to one on the ports of the Sky Monster… while melting the snow and ice I head the sound of one of GTR’s jet plan flying over head… only to be followed by another a few minutes later… and yet another a few minutes after that… thinking to myself they must be looking for something…me? Or something else?... Soon enough I had melted my way aboard the Sky Monster to only see a heap of tanks and buggy’s on the main floor… I thought to my self were there any on board when it went missing…no as we only noticed a small group of them missing back at the base…not wanting to fear the worst I looked in every one of them to only notice they were all empty… then I saw that there were no seat covers in any of them…to which I thought this is odd…franticly I looked around the ship to see if there was any sing of life…and when I made my way to the lower levels I saw that there was light and that all the two openings on the underside of the ship hade been closed off by the seat covers and so was the ramp leading down to the floor with only a small gap in it to let in air.
Page 4:
Knowing that the people’s best chance was to try and free the ship out of the ice…so I drove to the control room and used the power of the buggy to turn the ship on…on doing so I saw that the readings on all of the engine’s were fine there was no sign of damage to them. Knowing that the fuel for the engines would be basically frozen, and that starting them inside layers of snow and ice would be hard but there was no other way of getting the ship out. As soon as I could get the engines going I would no longer need the buggy’s electrical power to run the ship which would be good as starting the engines on the buggy’s power would take a lot out of it, and by the looks of it the other tanks and buggy’s didn’t have anything to offer. I set the engines up for the starting order… and started to go through the list of things that needed to be done in order to start the four engines. After 20minutes they were ready to be started, so I sent the signal…
… … nothing… this time I revved the buggy’s engine…again nothing…it seemed like the engines weren’t going to start, but I wouldn’t give up, after 2 hours of trying to start them there was only enough power in the buggy for a few more times. I hit the start button again and this time the engines stuttered and started…then died again…so close… checking the buggy’s power reading there was only enough power to start the Sky Monsters four engines two more times… so I hit the start button again… and again the engines stuttered and fired up then died again…then one of the engine’s picked up again…so I sent the electrical power it was making to the different systems aboard the Sky Monster, and turned of the buggy. Of course it didn’t help that the Sky Monster was still covered in snow and ice, so I wondered how I would free it…then it hit me the system that keeps the Sky Monster in the air when it’s not moving… … but how would that work I thought…
… I needed to start the other 3 engines… as by doing this it would start to melt the ice and snow with the heat they produce…surly but slowly all four of the Sky Monsters engines were up and running… but it was still stuck in the ice… hmm. With the four engines melting the ice behind the ship that would only melt the area behind them…so I then put two of them in to reverse thrust to melt the area in front of the ship… slowly I could see the ice melt in front of the ship…and behind it…but that still left the ice and snow above it…this may be a problem…I thought. I soon saw daylight at the front and back of the ship…when I remembered the vents that control the height of the Sky Monster. Using the engine’s exhaust I channeled it through the vents, had the ship been in the air it would be descending, but because it was in the ice and snow it stayed still and the ice and snow started to melt…the ship started to move forward, oh ****, that’s not good so I reduced the thrust the engines were making so they would still be on, but the ship won’t move. By this stage the people that had turned the stranded Sky Monster in to a shelter were starting to notice what was going on
and Page 5:
. So over the intercom I said that you are now safe and that they would soon be home. By the end of the day the Sky Monster was free of the ice and snow and was hovering in place, but it would soon be night (even though it was dark outside everything was done by time). Early the next morning I stared up the Sky Monster again, only to hear the three jets that I heard before come back over head, and I could see them turning around to come back lower to look again.
. But instead of waiting for them to come back I powered up the engines and took off only to have the jets come along side the Sky Monster to act like guides back to the base. Knowing that it my have taken weeks by buggy to get to the Sky Monster, we could be back home that day… but the same couldn’t be said about the jets as it would take them two days to get back. But knowing that I opened up the engines and took off on the jets… after a few hours I spotted a group of buggy’s on the ground heading towards where the Sky Monster had been…so aimed at them and screamed over there heads at full speed… which would have caused them to lose control and tumble backwards for a few minutes….

And while they were tumbling backwards I brought the Sky Monster around and went to pick them up. Once they were all aboard we took off and headed back to the main base. After several hours of flying I landed the Sky Monster at the base and all the tanks and buggy’s were towed off the Sky Monster (all the one’s that couldn’t move under there own power). After all the celebrations and the stories, I headed back to my workshop and started on the plans for a massive inter planetary capable star cruiser called the Sky King.  As it would still be a few months before the rescue team from earth would get here.

And that is all i have for now... which means it is your turn to add your own part to this story as you would have seen that there are some gaps where i don't explain things like who was flying in the jets, or who were the people trapped inside the Sky Monster, or who were the people the went to set up the smaller base on the other side of the smaller lave ocean.
I wrote this story in a way were you as other people could write in your own story and post it on this post, and when enough people have done this it could be turned in to a story in which 1 persons part would match with another's person's part in where they would meat up/and even overlap each other making a proper story not just one person's take on this
what i have posted in this post, i had already posted in a much older post about the same idea, it worked back then, so i though hey why not bring it back up again, which is what i have just done 

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Re: Mars Horror Story Part 1
1 day - 4,898v
Posted 2010/08/06 - 23:33 GMT
Nice story Seb.... i might not be able to go to bed tonight xP
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Re: Mars Horror Story Part 1
2 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/08/06 - 23:35 GMT
there is still another 4 pages to come yet... i will add the page's slowly as to let people have time to read it
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Re: Mars Horror Story Part 1
1 day - 4,898v
Posted 2010/08/07 - 14:22 GMT
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Re: Mars Horror Story Part 1
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2010/08/06 - 23:53 GMT
Amazing narration. Hey Im working on a ground effect vehicle...except its called the Aqua Bolt...
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Re: Mars Horror Story Part 1
2 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/08/07 - 0:03 GMT
page 2 now also added
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Re: Mars Horror Story Part 1
1 day - 4,898v
Posted 2010/08/07 - 0:21 GMT
I love the story so far.
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Re: Mars Horror Story Part 1
16 hours - 987v
Posted 2010/08/08 - 11:46 GMT
Interesting but, your a designer, a pilot, and the asteroid hit Mars, 10 minutes later after you got a message saying you had 6 weeks?
Otherwise okay, I have to admit this is not as good as Picard's yet.

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