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Abbie's Sojourn in Idaho
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Fun, fun, fun!
Submitted By edith on 10/08/03
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I think I'd better explain this photo a bit...
You see, two years ago while visiting our cousins in North Carolina, I snapped a photo of Ivan doing this:
We call it "The Ivan Salute".
And since we were all having so much fun, but wishing that Ivan could be with us, we did his "salute" rather frequently.
I miss you so much, my dear cousin.  I miss staying up till midnight giggling over movies.  I miss hearing you talking in your sleep and then telling you what you said the next morning;)  I miss laughing first thing in the morning with you.  We had so much fun together:)
Happy Trails, y'all!

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Re: Abbie's Sojourn in Idaho
2010/08/11 - 3:03 GMT
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We did have so much fun! Oh my, i miss you too!
You know, laughing in the morning is highly unusual for me, but with us, it just seemed to be the only reasonable thing to do upon waking up!
(This is funny; the other day, I had some friends from Cale over, and we all crashed downstairs in the living room. We had to wake up really early so I set my cell phone alarm clock. Well, when I slowly began to wake up the next morning, I could hear snatches of conversation and laughter... and I was pretty sure they were talking about me. They were like, Is she awake...? I think she's waking up!
I said, Are you guys talking about me? And they laughed. Apparently, when my alarm had started going off, I picked up my phone and started talking to it while still asleep! LOL!)
Thought you'd get a kick out of that little anecdote :)
I'm so glad we took lots of pictures. They're concrete, forever-memories.
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Re: Abbie's Sojourn in Idaho
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Yeah, I'm don't usually laugh first thing in the morning either.  It was the only reasonable thing to do.  Our laughter probably sounded more like hoarse croaking, though, with our yucky morning voices;)  Well, at least my voice is yucky in the morning...
LSHICB!  That is SO funny!  Oh, I totally missed out=)  LOL!  I did get a kick out of that:)  What will you do next?;)
Me too:)
P.S. I'm cracking up over the emails between you and Alex;)
P.S.S. In that last picture, our smiles look really similar, don't they?

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