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Today Abbie Arrives!!!
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Submitted By edith on 10/07/17
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I am so excited!=D 
You never would have guessed, right?
~ My dearly loved cousin and I ~
In about 12 hours from now, I will be giving you a great big hug, Abbie:)

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Re: Today Abbie Arrives!!!
5 days - 9,041v
Posted 2010/07/19 - 16:31 GMT
Woop woop!
I'm HERE! I'm typing this on YOUR COMPUTER!!
And I'm having such a good time :)
Re: Today Abbie Arrives!!!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/07/19 - 20:56 GMT
I still can't believe you're actually HERE! 
And we still have our Epic Pilgrimage to look forward to=)
I'm having a wonderful time, too.  I wish you could stay here always:)
Re: Today Abbie Arrives!!!
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2010/07/19 - 23:41 GMT
Yay! I hope y'all have a great time. (scratch that. I know you'll have a great time.)
         But, I will personally cause the two of you extreme bodily harm if you don't take a ton of pictures!
                   I love you!      
 P.S. I majorly miss you Abbie!
Re: Today Abbie Arrives!!!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/07/20 - 1:48 GMT
Yes, we are having a great time=)  I wish you could be here, too.  I think you'd really like it out here.
We just got back from a trail ride up the mountain behind our house. 
And Abbie did not disgrace herself forever by falling off;)  She did quite well:)
Hmm...extreme bodily harm?!  I don't think I'd like that - sounds painful.
I love you too!!!
Much love,
Re: Today Abbie Arrives!!!
5 days - 9,041v
Posted 2010/07/20 - 3:18 GMT
Teehee - no, I did not disgrace myself by falling off, but mounting was... ahem a little less than graceful.
But who's to say - there were no photos taken for long-term proof =D
I do, however, have a rather painful case of Lou's Thigh (and butt!) Burn.
Re: Today Abbie Arrives!!!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/07/20 - 5:58 GMT
I love it how we're talking about it on my blog even though we're in the same house;)
Re: Today Abbie Arrives!!!
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2010/07/21 - 17:17 GMT
Really? Are you sure you didn't fall off?
        Now I have to live up to that at my riding lessons from Uncle Cecil and Maria. (though I would have to anyway 'cause Theo-Aka Little Cousin-would never let me live it down if I fell off. I can just feel the cousinly love, can't you? I call him little cousin and he pretends that he hates it but I think he actually likes it)
        I love y'all!
 BTW, your not really supposed to like the sound of it. That's pretty much the whole point.
       It is weird isn't it? But Abbie and I do it all the time. =) (writing about it, well, you know. in the same house and all that)
             Mom and Dad's new Droidx's are soooooooooooooooooooo coooooooool! I mean, just Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!! (can you tell that I liiiiiiiiiiike them? Really? that's amazing! I thought I was being very subtle!===)))
                      Oh. Yeah. I. Forgot. Nooooooooooooooo! You're gone! That means...! 'That's..Not...Possible! ...........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'  There won't be any rock hard 'soft and gooey' chocolate pies in the house! No more sugarless bitter cookies! No more delicious 'Eggs Benedict' sauce! AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I can't take it! I'm suffocating from the lack of gourmet food! OOOOOOOOOYYYYYYY VEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                 Sarah Jo Miller's Last Will And Testament
                           Abbie gets my memory cards
                           Ken gets my eraser that I stuck full of thumb tacks
                           Ivan gets....uh...my pen collection
                           Faye gets my books
                           Dad gets my tools
                           Mom gets my paints and paint brushes
                           Ken gets (in addition to the 'tacky eraser' heeheehee!) my single shot pellet pistol and my air-soft shotgun
                           Ivan gets all my silly putty to put into the giant blob of orange gook that sits with a kingly air upon his dresser
                            Abbie gets my camera so she doesn't have to use the one that she broke (such iresponsibility!!!=)
                            Faye and Abbie get my jewelry
                            Ken gets my money (but he has to use it to go to camp with!!!)
            The rest of my junk is up for grabs, just honor this request. Don't sell it or give it away. U know what a pack rat I am/was.
          Remember, the above conditions only apply to reality when I am positively absolutely completely and utterly dead. Er, that sounds a bit harsh.  Blah Blah Blah blah blah, when I have positively absolutely completely and utterly jumped the Great Boa. Yeah. That sounds better!
            Ok, I'm gonna go now. I deeply apolagise for writeing a novel in the comments of this here blog, but I couldn't help myself.
Re: Today Abbie Arrives!!!
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2010/07/21 - 22:41 GMT
Oh, yeah. I forgot. I would really feel a lot less like causing extreme bodily harm to one of my favourite cousins and one of my favourite sisters, if you would post a couple pictures. On. The. Blogs. (either This one of Abbie's!!!!! But Really! It's too weird! )
                    Also, call sometime. You know my (non-existent) curfew time. Just remember that it's three hours later here. (I think.)
                    I love y'all.
                                Abbie's Saz

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