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Progress on The Bus
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Corroseal, Eternabond, fiberglass, Interior doors and walls, and more!
Submitted By admin on 10/07/04
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Greetings Everyone!
Haven't been online in a fair while, but I have something to show for it :)
A full update on my bus project is fourthcoming, but in the mean time you might enjoy perusing this photostream that showcases progress up to around an hour ago:
Enjoy the 4th!

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Re: Progress on The Bus
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2010/07/05 - 3:46 GMT
It's already looking MUCH better than it did at first. ;)
I can't wait for that "full update". Don't leave us hanging too long, and keep up the great work on it!
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Re: Progress on The Bus
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2010/07/07 - 5:45 GMT
Sweet ride dude. I wish I had that kinda money...anyways all the best of luck on the effort. Amazing stuff that is.
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Re: Progress on The Bus
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/07/08 - 22:40 GMT
Looks amazing! I love the way you came up with to provide an entire kitchen, and sleeping space, while still providing room for a small office!
I'm absolutely curious! - Are you willing to let us in on what this will be used for? 
I wish you luck! (Not that you need it at this rate)
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Re: Progress on The Bus
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/07/09 - 4:29 GMT
The previous comments are making me very curious to see what you've done to the bus!
Like I told you the other day, silly Net Nanny is blocking me from seeing the pictures on Picasa...*pout* :)
Hopefully we'll be able to come over sometime soon so I can see it in person.  Or I might just have to wait for the promised full update...

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