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"Next" Button for Post Replies
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Submitted By TheCyberMan on 10/06/24
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I believe we should have a "Next" button to load the pages of replies for a post.  Many of you know how much slower it is to wait for all the replies (which you may not care for) to load. I think we should have about 25 replies per page.  This update should be fairly easy to program and shouldn't cause problems.

5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/06/24 - 5:45 GMT
I like the idea!
4 days - 12,512v
Posted 2010/06/24 - 8:51 GMT
Yah, that's a great idea! I think FC (or I) could make a hack to do that using scripts.
1 week - 24,177v
Posted 2010/06/24 - 11:30 GMT
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2010/06/24 - 17:17 GMT
Making hacks for that should be practical.  It's probably best if the hack would be made only for the super long posts if needed when Aubrey doesn't make it.
4 days - 9,839v
Posted 2010/06/25 - 4:26 GMT
good idea, I hate having to wait, like, 3 minutes for a post to finish loading all the pictures.

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