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Just an idea
Submitted By Quasar2 on 10/06/05
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I know this will be hidden due to non Mars-related theme, but i thought if would be kinda fun. Picture this: a basketball court with jumps in front of them. The gameplay will be one-on-one may and differ from one server to the next, but, the basics are: the quarry(the offensive player) has a xorb on and tries to get into the hoop. But the defender will try to become quarry, turn his/her xorb on, and try to make a basket. I have not igured out how to import GameObjects yet, so i will not be able to make this world.
                                                 Just an idea by..........

4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/06/05 - 5:05 GMT
It's not un-related seeing how syn3h is coming. Soccer type games with Xorbs have also been suggested and it seems viable but a lot simpler if you ignore the quarry aspect. At this time, you CAN open a server, activate Xorbs, create a non-driving, non-shooting bot to ram or shoot at. No one seems to have taken advantage of it yet. A goal could be set to dunk the bot-ball into like a pond at Eric's CTF. We used to play ram the tank-ball when they had a floating glitch.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2010/06/05 - 6:24 GMT
I didn't realize that for my CTF world! It could be a soccer game. Interesting...  Anywho, that's a creative thought Quasar2, but I think creating a capture the flag and soccer game setting would be the more popular vote.
4 days - 9,839v
Posted 2010/06/10 - 3:06 GMT
This is not a bad post and I doubt it will be hidden. Good idea 
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2010/06/14 - 20:56 GMT
Great idea. Then we could have a Mars Cup!!
PS:I call dibs on organizing the event!
6 hours - 583v
Posted 2010/06/15 - 2:35 GMT
This would be the awesomest game mode of awesomeness.  I can see a tank bumping a huge basketball into the air and a jet swooping in, smashing the ball towards a hoop.  Off to the side of the field, a hovercraft launches off some bleachers and just nicks the ball mid-flight, aligning the perfect shot.  Finally, almost in slow motion, a buggy of this exact team slowly crawls off the top of the backboard, and with excellent timing, slamdunks the ball through the swinging hoop, falling through with it.  A brightly lit scoreboard flashes the score:  4-3.  A loud buzzer blares, and a crowd cheering audio track plays in the background.
Hehe, that would be awesome.
2 weeks - 18,835v
Posted 2010/06/15 - 18:27 GMT
Sound pretty good, but why 1v1? Easily could be 3v3 or 5v5.
6 hours - 583v
Posted 2010/06/16 - 3:28 GMT
Yeah, maybe teams with a little logo on the vehicles for which team, and the color (red/blue?) for whether on offense or defense.

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