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"Just my mother!"
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The expression on my Grandma's face is priceless:)
Submitted By edith on 10/06/13
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The expression on my Grandma's face is priceless:)
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Posted 2010/06/14 - 12:04 GMT
This is so sweet! Love it. Only missing Aunt Liz =)
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Posted 2010/06/18 - 17:35 GMT
Haha! I take it they didn't want her to go? Giggle! Could you tell me who all is in that picture? I don't really recognise anybody except Aunt Pam and Ma Barb. I know I know, I should be more familiar with my family but I only met a lot of my family once or twice seven years ago! =) =) =) =)
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Posted 2010/06/18 - 21:02 GMT
The one hanging around Grandma's ankles is Aunt Lorraine, the "baby" of the family, and the one on the right is Aunt Kathy. 
We took the picture in response to an email that Uncle Mike sent just before Grandma left NC to come out here.  It said, "My mother":)  They were going to send the picture to Uncle Mike, but I don't think they ever did.

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