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The Simple Woman's Daybook
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~May 14th, 2010~
Submitted By edith on 10/05/15
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Outside my window...the sun has gone down after an absolutely beautiful day.

I am thinking...I wouldn't want to be a veterinarian, although I enjoy reading about it.

I am thankful...for sunny days, and God's love.

From the kitchen...the dishes are waiting for someone to load them into the dishwasher...which no one feels like doing right now;)

I am wearing...pajama pants and a white t-shirt:)  Earlier I was wearing a denim tiered skirt, with a green v-neck t-shirt and crown braids.

Today I was...a farm girl in the English countryside.

Today I...finished dismantling Calvin and Honey's old pen (I sold Honey the other day, so I moved Calvin so he'd be next to the other sheep so he wouldn't be lonely), worked on halter training Calvin (he follows me around anyways, and comes when I call him, so this won't be too hard or take too long), spent lots of time outside soaking up the sun, tended to my plant starts, took a nap, did some laundry, and went over to Gary and Glenda's for a visit and to meet their new horses (Mariah and Sadie).  A thoroughly enjoyable day - the only thing that could have improved it would have been riding Bob.

I am creating...pressed flowers and a fan button for the Hat Band site.

I am going...to go to bed early...well, at least be in bed early.

Scripture I am reading...Matthew, Romans and Psalms.

I am reading...All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot - love his books.  They're laughing out loud hilarious.

I am hoping...that my headache goes away soon...it is starting to feel better.

I am hearing...my family talking in the living room.

I am wondering...nothing, really.

One of my favorite things...sunny days, spending time with my animals, especially my sheep, and swinging on my swing.

A few plans for the rest of the week: continue halter training Calvin, work on my garden, and who knows what else.

Random thought...Bonnie would look really odd with no hair.

Picture to share...
A photoshoot with Bonnie

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Re: The Simple Woman's Daybook
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Posted 2010/05/15 - 12:24 GMT
very...interestinng Tasha. = )! lol. Yes, I suppose Bonnie would look a tad bit strange as a hairless dog!= )

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