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Kickin' Up!
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Spring Fever
Submitted By edith on 10/05/11
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Re: Kickin' Up!
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2010/05/11 - 19:20 GMT
Aww! they're sooo pretty! Isn't bob the all white one? What's the other one's name? the speckly one had at least three feet off the ground in most of those pictures! =)
Re: Kickin' Up!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/05/11 - 19:47 GMT
Yep, Bob's the one in the middle who was too busy eating to run around with the others;)
The spotted one is Freckles, and the other one is Dewey.
They were having a lot of fun=)
Re: Kickin' Up!
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2010/05/11 - 21:10 GMT
Great pictures!
In #7, Dewey looks like prancing Breyer horse=)  Love it!
Bob looks so cute in #13;)
Re: Kickin' Up!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/05/11 - 21:25 GMT
I'm so glad I decided to bring the camera with me when I let the horses out on pasture for the first time.  I only wish I'd caught it on film, too.
Dewey is such a handsome boy, but he can be quite clumsy at times.   He tried to do a sliding stop in front of the barn and ended up loosing his balance and falling over.  Nothing was hurt but his pride, but he looked so embarrassed;) 
Freckles, on the other hand, can do some awesome sliding stops!  That little pony still has a lot of life left in him=)
Bob does look cute:)  Dewey kept trying to get him to run around, too, by running circles around him and kicking at him playfully, but Bob would have none of it - "Why would I run around when there's all of this wonderful grass to eat?!".
I think my personal favorite is either #1 or #4 - Freckles is so cute:)
Re: Kickin' Up!
5 days - 9,041v
Posted 2010/05/12 - 3:03 GMT
Love these! So fresh and springy and hopeful!
Speaking of horses... it's not really looking like I'll be able to do any "conditioning" riding before I come out there... so for our ride(s), I'm just gonna have to hop on, and man up. (Lou's butt burn, here I come!)
Re: Kickin' Up!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/05/12 - 3:11 GMT
Hey, that's okay:)  I think you'll be just fine, and we'll have tons of fun!  I can hardly wait!=D
LOL! We have a sheepskin pad that we can put on the saddle so you don't have that problem;)
Oh yeah, and that little spotted maniac who's 25+ going on 3 (aka Freckles) is what you'll be riding:D
And I just realized that Alex will get to go riding with us because I won't have to "steal" his horse for someone else to ride this time - he'll be very happy about that:)
Re: Kickin' Up!
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2010/05/12 - 4:16 GMT
So Alex did not give his permission and his blessing?
Just teasing.   =)
We must get a sewing day on the calendar soon - we can talk about it sometime later.
So good to see you on Sunday!
Re: Kickin' Up!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/05/12 - 4:41 GMT
Actually, he did give his blessing and his permission when you rode him..after I talked him into it;)
Yep, gotta do that soon!
Oh, Sunday was so much fun!  I wish we could have stayed for singing, but Mom actually lasted a lot longer than I thought she would, so that was good.  We'll have to have a picture exchange:)
Re: Kickin' Up!
2 weeks - 22,163v
Posted 2010/05/12 - 5:29 GMT
Oh, Tasha!
*Laughing hysterically*  Permission to ride -  Oh! Haha. . .  Oh dear.  That would take some talking into... You're a wonder, my dear.  And to only think - after all that, he refused to canter, and I was forced to use the reins on his stubborn hide!  It did work like a charm, if you recall... I'll have to remember that in future.
An-nyway. . . =)
Yes, your Mom did really well.  I'm so glad she was feeling good enough to come!  
I missed you sadly for the singing, but there's always a next time.
Re: Kickin' Up!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/05/12 - 15:19 GMT
I've found the end of the reins quite effective in the past;)  Dewey is a funny boy - he refuses to canter when Glenda rides him, too. 
"Permission to ride (eat), sir."  (remember in James Herriot?;)
Yes, there's always next time:)  We'll have to go when it's warm enough for us to go swimming!
Re: Kickin' Up!
2 days - 3,135v
Posted 2010/05/12 - 15:23 GMT
Wow those are great pictures Tasha! They are all so pretty. I didn't know Freckles was so frisky :).

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