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Patterns, patterns, patterns...
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Two hours at the fabric store
Submitted By edith on 10/04/30
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There are so many things I want to sew.  Sew many...er, so many delightful patterns out there.   I spent two hours at Hancock Fabrics yesterday - my mom and dad dropped me off on the way to a doctors appointment - and I looked through every single pattern catalog from front to back.  There were so many sweet patterns, I just had to share them with you...
I LOVE the Vintage Vogue section!
V1044  I absolutely adore this dress!  The hat and gloves just make it.
B5315  I thought this dress was sweet, and practical enough for everyday use.
B5041  This skirt looks so nice and full, and the waist band is neat.
And of course, there are always more retro apron patterns to try...
You simply must see this apron, view A!  I couldn't save the picture, so click here.
I love hats:)
V8840 The newsboy cap is so cute - I really must make one.  The cloche style is cute, too.
V8052  Aren't these hats simply delicious?!
Well, that's all for now folks!
P.S. I didn't buy even one pattern - I managed to go in and come out with only the items that I needed in the first place.  Amazing.
P.S.S. I think I just might have to get V1044 - it's too sweet!

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Re: Patterns, patterns, patterns...
2 weeks - 22,159v
Posted 2010/05/01 - 2:58 GMT
Hey, Tasha!  How are you?  It's been too long since I've seen you again - time flies=/
We just bought the apron pattern you linked to - 3544.  I can't wait to try it=)
Love the other patterns - we should have a sewing day soon.  That would be great fun!
Well, TTYL!
Re: Patterns, patterns, patterns...
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/05/01 - 3:09 GMT
I've had better days, but, on the whole, I'm doing well:)  And yourself?  I know, we really must get together soon and do some sewing and play some wild Russian/Jewish style music!!=)  I can hardly wait to show you how my medieval dress is coming.
I might have to borrow that pattern sometime;)  Isn't view A too cute?!
I'm up for it, just let me know when you have a free day=)
Love always,
Re: Patterns, patterns, patterns...
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2010/05/01 - 22:17 GMT
Love the patterns! They're so pretty! I like the hats (all of 'em) and the first dress especially. =)
Re: Patterns, patterns, patterns...
5 days - 9,041v
Posted 2010/05/03 - 17:52 GMT
I like hats, too :) *grin*
And aprons. In fact, I bought an ADORABLE vintage apron the othe day... (yes, bought, not sewed. I'm hopeless!) I was planning to use it for a future food-and-cooking-themed giveaway on my blog, but I'm seriously considering keeping it! lol.
Loved looking at these patterns!
Re: Patterns, patterns, patterns...
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/05/04 - 2:51 GMT
I know you do:)  I shall have to crochet you a tam to match mine someday, big pom-pom on top and all=)
Well, there are worse crimes, and I've bought vintage aprons before, simply because they're the real thing.  Really vintage.  Take my advice - keep it...or rig the giveaway so I win it;D  You'd do that for me because I'm your dearest cousin, right?!  teehee
Re: Patterns, patterns, patterns...
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2010/05/03 - 22:11 GMT
For Shame Abboe! how could you even consider such a thing?! *insert shocked expression*
         Yes, By the way, I bought a pattern for an apron for 'dear mum' and even bought some candy cane fabric to make it with, but I...I...I never really made it for her yet. (sorry, but I believe I'm starting to take after Jannete Oke!) Yeah, Ma made an apron with the pattern, and she said that she did it in just one afternoon.
Re: Patterns, patterns, patterns...
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/05/04 - 2:54 GMT
lol.  Bad , Abboe!  Bad!  Just looking at "Abboe" is cracking me up!=^D
You should make that apron sometime, Sarah!  I'm sure you'd do a simply lovely job.
Aprons don't take long to sew, which is what makes them so fun and relaxing to make:)
Re: Patterns, patterns, patterns...
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2010/05/05 - 2:35 GMT
Same Here! I was giggling to myself as I wrote/typed it. =)
      Yeah, ma has the pattern at her house, and I went over there not too long ago, but I forgot to take the fabric! =) Love you!

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