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Creationists Lacking Faith
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the real reason that creationists won't debate atheists
Submitted By JesusFChrist on 10/04/14
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At a Klan rally, even the most ridiculous arguments are met with cheers by an enthusiastic crowd.  Outside the Klan rally, those same arguments fall flat on their face, because it's only outside the Klan rally that the bad arguments face any criticism.  Likewise, many of the arguments presented on the Kent Hovind forum, only work on fellow Creationists.
If the Klansman was honest and sincere, and he believed that his arguments stood up to criticism and that the evidence was on his side, then he would be every bit as comfortable presenting them to friends, family, and coworkers, as he would be in saying that the earth was flat.  Similarly, if the Creationist were honest and sincere, and believed that his arguments were supported by the facts, then he would be just as comfortable making them in a critical environment.
Creationists posting on a site like the Kent Hovind forum are just preaching to the choir, an uncritical audience as supportive to its members as the rally is to the Klansman.  Posting here is just a form of evangelical masturbation.  
If there are any decent Creationists on this forum, they would present their arguments in a more critcal environment, such as the IGI forum.  If they're afraid to do so because the effect that it might have on their faith, then it shows that they really don't have much faith to begin with.  In other words, they're fake Christians.
If Jesus died for your sins, the least you could do is take his message to a forum that needs it.  If your beliefs are true and God is on your side, then you have nothing to worry about.  If God exists, then he most certainly wishes you would spread the word.  Decent, sincere Christians, I invite you to the IGI forum.
Our members are friendly, our forum is fun, and we could always use a few more believers.  What are you waiting for?  : )

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Re: Creationists Lacking Faith
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Posted 2010/04/14 - 12:38 GMT
"Our members are friendly, our forum is fun, and we could always use a few more believers.  What are you waiting for?  : )"
problem is that god doesn't nessecarily want them to spread it. XD
hebrews 8: 9,10, 11

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