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Good bye, Baby girl...
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Life on the farm can be hard sometimes...very hard.
Submitted By edith on 10/04/21
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I was hoping to make it through this lambing season with no deaths, but that was not to be.
After trying everything to save her, I lost "Baby", one of Esther's lambs, yesterday afternoon.  She was so weak and cold that I brought her inside where our wonderful neighbors, Rowen and her mom Sandra, helped me give her a hot water bath to warm her up, and then feed her using a syringe and milk replacer.  She improved a bit after that, but she was weak from birth and just wasn't strong enough to survive.
I'm so glad it didn't drag on for days, and that I was outside when she went.  It's always hard to have one of the lambs die though, especially after you've worked so hard to save it. 
Thankfully Baby's sister "Wooton" seems to be doing well.  She's putting on weight, and is full of frolic.
I'm not planning on breeding Esther again, since her lambs always seem to have problems, and will be looking for a new home for her.  I'll give her away if I have to.
I am planning on keeping Lady Jane's two lambs for breeding though, to add some younger stock into my flock.
Wooton and Baby

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Re: Good bye, Baby girl...
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2010/04/21 - 20:16 GMT
Oh, I'm sorry tasha. They're cute in the picture. At least it was fairly quick, huh? I hope Wooton ends up ok, and i hope she doesn't get sick or anything.
Re: Good bye, Baby girl...
5 days - 9,041v
Posted 2010/04/27 - 22:24 GMT
Some much-belated sympathy. (Although we did talk on the phone since then...)
I love the name Wooton. Who thought of that one?
Re: Good bye, Baby girl...
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/04/28 - 4:44 GMT
Belated or no, thanks for the sympathy, Cuz and you to Sarah:)
I had such a nice time talking with you on the phone.  We'll have to do that again sometime very soon=)
The story of how Wooton got her name:
It all happened on the night that Alex and I stayed up with Sweet Pea and her lambs.  We had several heat lamps on to keep the lambs warm and to give us some light so we didn't need to use the flashlight. 
Before I continue, have you ever heard the Adventures in Odyssey episode where Wooton (the mailman) auditions at the Harlequin Theater?  Well, at one point he's trying out to be a lighting technician, but he turns on all of the lights at once and temporarily blinds Edwin Blackgaard who yells, with dignity of course, "Ahh, Woo-ton!  My eyes!".
So, to continue, while we're sitting outside in the cold, trying to get these extremely dense lambs to nurse, one of Esther's lambs in the next pen walks under the heat lamp, tipping it up so it shined right in our eyes.  I think it was Alex who said, "Ahh, Woo-ton!  My eyes!".
And that is how Wooton got her name:)
Re: Good bye, Baby girl...
2 days - 4,412v
Posted 2010/04/28 - 20:06 GMT
Yes!!!!! I listen to Adventures in Oddysee. (pardon spelling) I listened to that episode not long ago. (we have a million cassete tapes of Adventures in 'ought-to-see')
           That is a great story Tasha. LOL!!!!! (insert hysterical laughter.)
       P.S. We should put , "Ahh, Woo-ton! My eyes!", on the catch phrase page on the cousins blog! =)

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