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More Girls!
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Esther's lambs
Submitted By edith on 10/04/10
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This morning Esther gave birth to two beautiful ewe lambs! 
Unfortunately, like all of Esther's lambs, they had White Muscles Disease (aka selenium deficiency).  We gave them both a shot of selenium, but they're still pretty weak, although they're doing much better thanks to syringe feeding, heat lamps, and some moral support from the neighbors across the creek (the Murdocks).
Please pray that the lambs will continue to grow stronger, get enough to eat, that they will be warm tonight, and that God will give me the strength keep going.
A few pictures...
That's all for now folks - I've been waking up at all hours of the night for the past three nights to check on Esther, and I have a long, late night ahead of me, and my eyes are just about falling shut, so I need to lay down for a bit before I have to go outside again.
Happy Trails!:)

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Re: More Girls!
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Posted 2010/04/15 - 15:10 GMT
Aw, they're so cute! Are they ok now? Hope so.
         P.S. you have my moral support too. =)
Re: More Girls!
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Posted 2010/04/15 - 20:34 GMT
They seemed to be doing better, but they're not putting on weight, and that concerns me since they're almost a week old now.
I'm going out in a bit to try and bottle feed them - they might not be getting enough to eat.
Keep praying for them.
Love you,

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