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Evolution Explained
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Submitted By doctorofscience on 10/04/01
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Just found this amazing video on youTube, it has the best explanation of the origin of the universe, life, etc that I've ever seen.

It's not an exaggeration to say that this video is the final nail in the coffin of creationism - you've had good run, guys, but the arguments in this video are so thoroughly irrefutable that you might as well give up now.

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Re: Evolution Explained
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Posted 2010/04/02 - 10:53 GMT
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Re: Evolution Explained
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Posted 2010/04/07 - 17:09 GMT
It also demonstrates that creationists are actually capable of distinguishing satire from scientific theory... well, the second time it's posted at least. I was half-expecting bigdog to fall for the same April fool's joke two years in a row.
Ah well, I'm sure the youtube video will draw some... interesting comments.

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