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Automatic Moderation
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Submitted By flyclub on 10/03/16
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Step one:
Set up successful moderation
Step two: 
Hide in a server
Testing starts here:
Insults: Perv, Fag, you noob, you are a noob, N00B!, GO TO HELL, 
Mild words: Shit, Crap, Damn, 
Replacable phrases (Bitch,Dog),(OMFG,OMG),(FUCK,@#$%),
Kill display phrases:penis,vagina,breasts,porn,scrotem,dildo,testicles,blow job,masturbate,sex,
Kill display due to repeated use phrases: FUCK, BITCH, GO TO HELL

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Re: Automatic Moderation
2010/03/17 - 6:16 GMT
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Lol! Um FC, you really shouldn't put bad words on this site (people still see it)...
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Re: Automatic Moderation
2010/03/17 - 6:23 GMT
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hello sry about that... but this is HTML testing right?
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Re: Automatic Moderation
2010/03/18 - 3:13 GMT << In Reply to
Haha! Achilles went a tad too far, didn't he!

Threaded Hybrid Flat 3 Comments

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